Monday 5 May 2014

Some like it wet

Although this past weekend has been fine, last week was very wet. However, wet conditions seem to really suit some plants, such as the Wild Garlic.

The flowers are very pretty, but I think I may cut them off before they set seed, to stop the Garlic spreading too much. Last year it had lots of babies...

The ferns are rapidly opening out their fronds now:

Just look at the potential in this one:

Despite the recent deluges, the Strawberries are beginning to produce flowers. The poor old petals have taken a battering though.

The peas have had a huge growth-spurt. Instructions for growing peas always exhort you to give them planty of moisture when the pods are forming, so these ones ought to do OK!

The Broad Beans are covered in flowers too. I just hope their pollen hasn't been washed away.

Even the second sowing of carrots has germinated at last (phew). I'm not going to show you a photo of that, because I want to open the Enviromesh cover as seldom as possible to make it less likely that any Carrot Root Flies get in.

My Radishes are still going strong, and I'm picking a batch about three times a week.

Unfortunately the molluscs have been enjoying the wet weather too, and several of the Radishes are showing signs of the odd surreptitious nibble. However, I have been counter-attacking, and my blue slug pellets have so far managed to keep the enemy at bay:

I do not use a lot of chemicals on my garden, but I make no apologies for using slug pellets. I have tried other methods, but this is the only one that works for me.


  1. We have had pouring rain too. But since then everything is growing gangbusters!
    I had to chuckle when I saw the ferns preparing to pop next to the photo of your popovers. They looked so much alike.

  2. I have sprinkled slug pellets too. I am invaded this year, it's dreadful! I sowed cut & come again salad and if it weren't for the slug control, there wouldn't be anything left. They are also lurking around the nasturtiums that were sowed indoors and already planted out. Funnily they don't bother my radishes.

    I have wild garlic too, but just two plants. So I'm letting them spread this year. Hope I won't regret it! Your broad beans are looking good.

  3. Your garden looks amazing! Such lush and healthy greens. We're at least 1 month behind the schedule on ours as it's just starting to warm up, but we did go to the woods to pick ramps - they are fantastic sauteed with Morels.

  4. I never thought about wild garlic spreading,will take flowers off. I have just taken 20 snails of the lips of 4 plant pots, I live about 50ft. from a small river so damp at all times.

  5. Your wild garlic is still looking good, I'm planning on having some under my hedge.

  6. When the fern fronds are tightly curled like the ones in your photo I am reminded of tarantulas.

  7. The radishes look so lovely & delicious!

  8. I agree with you about slugs; I too have spread the slug pellets all over the garden - better safe than sorry. How strange to see your ferns yet uncoiling, my are already almost full grown up.


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