Wednesday 28 May 2014

Hurry up with those nets!

I wrote the other day that I was hoping the Strawberries would finish fruiting before the Blueberries ripened, so that I could use my home-made fruit-cage for both. Fat chance! The Blueberries have decided that they will not wait. The copious rain of recent days has made them swell enormously and at the rate they are going I will have to net them within the next few days.

I think the Blueberries may actually be ripe BEFORE the Strawberries:

I shall have to see what I can find in the shed. I know I have plenty of netting, but the biggest challenge will be to find something suitable to support it. Last year I cobbled together this contraption, using parts of the "Seedling Greenhouse" along with some of the "Build-a-Ball" kit.

But then last year I covered the Strawberries with netting draped over the frames of the mini-greenhouses, which is why most of the "Build-a-Ball" set was available. Maybe this time the roles will just be reversed...


  1. I'm having some of the same issues, but with row covers. I've got enough material for the covers, but nothing to hold the edges down with. And I need to get those parsnips in soon if I ever want to have the ready.

  2. I don't bother netting the blueberries, they're situated close to the house and the birds don't often come that close. Saying that, I had blackbirds going for them a couple of years ago but I didn't mind sharing. I haven't netted my strawberries yet, a job which needs to be done sooner rather than later, if only this rain would stop.

  3. I don't bother netting mine, the quality of yours must be far superior, the birds never seem to go for them.

  4. Sound so interesting. Maybe I should try this way on my brassica's plot.

  5. Frankly it`s very hard to beat your first photo my kind of picture. I didnt get a chance to net my strawberries so today I found lots had ripened but had also been eaten by the birds

  6. Keeping everything safe from would be thieves is a problem isn't it?


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