I have invented a new Award - the "Mark's Veg Plot Chilli Award".

This award will be given to the blog / bloggers I feel most deserving of praise (in my own view!)

The criteria for this award are purely arbitrary, and my decision on who gets them is FINAL.

This award is "for honours only" - no cash prizes I'm afraid!

Some likely contenders are:-
  • Bloggers that are helpful to others, in that they provide useful advice and guidance
  • Bloggers that have a good sense of humour
  • Bloggers that contribute a lot of sensible / meaningful / humorous comments
  • Blogs exhibiting outstanding photography
  • Blogs I especially like!

Those bloggers to whom I give the award will be permitted to display it on their blogs.
This is the recommended method:-
  • Copy the picture from this page to your computer
  • Feel free to alter the size of the picture if you wish
  • Use the "Add a gadget" feature of Blogger / Wordpress / whatever to add the picture
  • Add a backlink to the URL of this page to the picture (so that your readers can verify the genuineness of the award!)

Holders of the award are:

Hazel Dene -
David Offutt -
F.Fernandez del Castillo (Fer) -
Ali from "Mud Pie" -
Takaeko -
Ana (Vrtlarica ana) -
Eliza Holcombe -
Kelli Boyles -
Sue Garrett -
Rebecca Whitford -
Liz from "Suburban Tomato" -