Friday 23 May 2014

Cucumbers - thriving or surviving?

The cucumbers I planted out last week seem to be recovering from whatever it was that ailed them - disease? lack of nutrition due to poor compost? Although the first few leaves were beyond redemption and have been cut off, the plants have made several new ones:

Cucumber "Iznik F1"

One plant is in a big pot just outside the Living-Room door, surrounded by herbs, Sweet Peas and Aquilegias:

As you can see, I have put into the pot a trio of canes (5 foot long), around which I will train the plant.

The other two plants are down near the big Woodblocx raised bed, in a huge tub made from half of an old water-butt:

They look far from strong, but I do think they will survive, now that we have hopefully seen the last of the cold nights. I have given them a big dose of plant-food to boost them up.

The plants sheltering in the lee of the big tub are my spare tomato plants. They look just as good as the "main" plants I potted up. I think it would be a great shame to just throw them on the compost, so I have promised them to a friend (one of my regular "garden helpers"). She always accepts spare plants because any she can't use herself go to a plant sale in aid of our local hospital.

I really do hope the cucumbers manage to pull through, because I know how much my two "English" granddaughters love cucumbers! I say "English" granddaughters because of course these days we have a "French" one too. I wonder if she will like cucumbers when she is older? I expect so, since her mother seems to have inherited the green fingers.


  1. I'm glad your cukes are recovering. I haven't even planted mine yet. I will plant seeds soon though. Maybe this weekend.

  2. I have a similar coloured Aquilegia to the one you have in the top photo. I hope your cucumbers do well for you, mine is in the greenhouse but I have planted my Gherkins outside. They are such prolific plants aren't they, a lot of ours get given to Mikes nephew & nieces as they adore them, Congrats on getting to your 500 follower.

    1. Thanks Jo; Getting the 500th Follower was a major milestone for me, as was a million pageviews (on which Blogger and Google Analytics disagree considerably!)

  3. Fingers crossed for the cucumbers - I see the one ny the house has a flower.

  4. I've never tried growing cucumbers. If I had a greenhouse I might have done.

  5. I have grown cucumbers in the past the taste is wonderful compared with supermarket offerings hope yours recover OK

  6. The cucumbers certainly look like they have recovered fully, and who doesn't like cucumbers? The most recent bag of potting mix that I bought has given me problems, infected the okra and eggplant seedlings with aphids. Tossed the rest of the bag in the compost bin.

  7. Look like they're on the mend, mine have barely started.

  8. It seems to me they are struggling to recover. I too love the cucumbers. In Croatia, we make the salad with sliced cucumbers and sour cream.

  9. I am putting mine outside today-they have been growing inside in my office for a few weeks-little nervous since this is the first time I've grown from seed and they look smaller than those at the greenhouse! Fingers crossed! Thank you for all your blog posts-they help me tremendously even though I'm here in the "States"! We are quite a bit behind you here in the Northeast.


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