This page is devoted to pictures of, and ideas for, salads - using wherever possible ingredients from my own garden. To me the word "salad" normally implies a cold dish, mainly comprised of vegetables, but I accept the concept of "warm salad" too!

Beetroot, beans, tomatoes, cucumber
Lentils, onions, tomatoes, parsley, blue cheese

Radicchio, Beetroot, Orange, Parsley

Beetroot and Mint Tabbouleh, made with bulghur

"Provencal" salad

Mixed salad with a garnish of Chive flowers

Lettuce, Fennel, Beetroot, Mozzarella, Pine-nuts and Pea-shoots

Tomato, Fennel and Mint salsa (should have chilli too!)
Chicory and Red Onion, Grated Kohlrabi, Beetroot and Chives etc

Tomatoes, Radicchio, Red Onion

Lettuce, Radicchio, Chicory, Spinach, Watercress

Beetroot, Broad Bean and Feta cheese

Watermelon, Feta cheese, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, olives

Tomato and Basil salad - 20/06/11

"Jamie Oliver" salad - lettuces, mozzarella, peaches, eggs, olives

Beans, Sweet Corn, onions, parsley - olive oil if you feel you need it...

Mixed lettuces

"Gaucho Salad" - tomatoes, thyme leaves, shallots, red wine vinegar

"Gaucho Salad" - variation on the theme

Romana Rossa lettuce, Land Cress, Rocket

Radishes, dipped in salt, as an aperitif

Plain radishes

Asparagus, boiled eggs, Hollandaise sauce

Mozzarella cheese, marinated in olive oil, with chopped fresh oregano

Baby Leaf salad - lettuces, endive, spinach, mustard etc

Purple Basil - used as microgreens

Cress- as a microgreen

Tomato and Purple Basil salad

Oriental Baby Leaf - Mizuna, Mustard, Pak Choi, Komatsuna, Bekana, etc

Mixed chicories, with Mozzarella and Tapenade crostini

Boiled beetroot - add chopped herbs and vinegar if you wish!

Mixed chicories, with Land Cress

Watercress - a Hampshire speciality

Tomato salad with black olives, garnished with Rosemary

Gado-Gado - beansprouts, carrots, green beans, watercress, eggs, Cashew nuts

Mixed salad leaves - another combination

Cucumber ribbons - with lots of pepper!

"Greek Salad" - tomatoes, cucumber, onions, olives, olive oil, sprinkled with dried Oregano

Celeriac and Carrot Remoulade - with mustard and mayonnaise