Saturday 24 May 2014

More new Aquilegias

What do you think of this Aquilegia?

This is a hybrid of one grown last year, from seed sent to me by Diana of Kebun Malay-kadazan Girls, but it is very different. Last year's were like this:

The ones this year are Double - perhaps Triple - and their "tails" are shorter and more orange than red.

Before they open, the tails are inter-twined, like this:

The immature buds are a pale green colour.

I love these flowers, though I have to say I wouldn't mind if their stems were a bit shorter! They are very tall and spindly, about twice as tall as the "David Ford" ones.


  1. I love the coloring. But I tend to like the single flowers better than the more petaled ones. I'm not sure why. I like roses that are simpler too.

  2. I love the colour, very zingy, but I prefer the single flowers. It's brilliant that you've got something so different though, mine tend to revert to the common purple or pink ones.

  3. They are a beautiful colour Mark. We have all sorts of types, facing up, facing down, like a star, like a bonnet. I was going to take photos of all ours but the heavy rain has spoiled them.

  4. They are indeed very pretty!

  5. What a stunning flower that has sprung up for you, Mark! It's like a brighter version of the double spurred one I've grown from seed - they do know how to hybridise rather beautifully.


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