Sunday 25 May 2014


Well, you wouldn't expect snow in Hampshire in May, would you...? This snow-like stuff is actually the fallen blossom of the "Fish Tree" (regular readers will know that this is our family name for a tree of the Sorbus family at the bottom of my garden, called this because its flowers smell fishy).

The Broad Beans are setting pods now.

Unfortunately, if you look closely, you will see that some of the pods are already infested with aphids. I shall have to take the necessary action...!

The peas are not far off ready either...

Other fruits are swelling too, like this "Turkey Sweet Pepper": (It's about 1cm in length!)

I have some fine chillis now. This is "Nosferatu". They look impressive in their immature state, but when they are ripe they will turn red.

And the first potatoes are forming flowers now.

I should be harvesting some good stuff in June.


  1. Your veg-garden is a bit ahead of mine. The rain and lower temperatures prevent the plants from rapid growth but, it seems that they are recovering now. You would be harvesting some good vegetables in June, I am sure.

  2. Your vegs are strong Mark! Take care about aphids, this seems to be the only problem!

  3. Wow peppers set already! I've a feeling pests will be a big problem this year. I'm hoping that the torrential rain will have washed some away!

  4. I saw your "snow" and to me it looked like hail. Of course it was much easier on your plants than hail is. I still haven't dealt with my aphids. I should get around to it in the next day or two though.

  5. Your crops are way ahead of mine all except the potatoes I have flowers forming too. Love the expectation of all the goodies to come.

  6. wow... we have that all over too, it's like a wedding has swept through town!... got back to the cottage after 4 weeks away and the garden has exploded!!

  7. That variety of chilli, "Nosferatu" does very well in our region. Never knew the name before. Looks like your harvest will be good. Love the first picture of the bean plants and the "snow".:)

  8. Lots of lovely stuff happening. Can't believe how far your peas are; mine are seriously lagging behind!


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