Saturday 17 May 2014

Plot report - flowers

Yesterday I showed you how the vegetables were getting on. Today it's the turn of the flowers.

This is the first bloom on my white Rose bush:

 This is the Libertia, which has lots of  flower-spikes again this year. The first few years I had this plant it produced only one or two flowers, but then I started pulling out the old leaves when they went brown, and this seems to have stimulated it enormously. The leaves come out cleanly with a sharp tug. Last year the plant had over 25 flower-spikes.

This in my very favourite colour combination  - the dark purple of a Cotinus "Royal Purple" against the greeny-yellow of a Dogwood (Cornus Alba "Aureum").

Cotinus "Royal Purple"

Several of the Dogwoods are flowering now. The bright white flowers on this one contrast nicely with the dark green foliage:

This double-flowered pink Aquilegia is new to me.

I have not seen one like this in my garden before. I think it is a hybrid of the type pictured below, of which there are several.

These are Blueberry flowers - the last ones. All the others have fallen now, revealing the embryonic fuits, of which there seem to be a good quantity this year:

Embryonic Blueberry fruits

Those are tiny of course, but wouldn't they be fabulous if they were each two inches in diameter?

These Fern fronds will soon unfurl and lose their russet colour, but right now they are hugely ornamental - almost like flowers...

Some of the Sweet Peas that I planted amongst the Raspberry canes are managing to hold their own. I think they might actually do OK.

These are the last few Lavender cuttings from last Autumn. I have planted out several already. I don't think these ones are big enough to flower this year, but let's hope they manage to establish a decent root system and build up some strength for next year.


  1. I'm hoping my rose is in bloom soon. I planted it four years ago and this will be the first year that it made it partway over the arch it is trained against. I've never pulled leaves off of it though. I do have to cut a lot of canes back though. It really wants to take the path over instead of going up and over the arch.

  2. It looks like your rose will be flowering for you soon. Most of my aquilegias are self sown, it's nice that something unusual has popped up, mine are usually the usual pink or purple suspects.

  3. Lovely set of pictures Mark with not a raindrop in sight I particularly like the pink Aquilegia

  4. Nice post, Mark! Love the colors in flowers and foliage.

  5. Lovely photos Mark, you are getting quite the collection of flowers now!


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