Wednesday 21 May 2014

Caught red-handed

The Snakeshead Fritillaries finished flowering some weeks ago, and they then set their seeds, which are held in triple-lobed pods like these, at the tips of the long slender stems:

But do you see how one of those seed-pods has been nibbled away to nothing? Lots of them are like that, and I have been wondering what is to blame. Purely by chance, I have found out. A little flash of red caught my eye...

Caught in the act! It's a Lily Beetle, isn't it?

It's a shame that they are so destructive, because they are certainly good-looking.

I guess there will be rather fewer Fritillaries next year than there might have been, then.


  1. It is a pretty little beetle. I occasionally get golden tortoise beetles in the garden. They are pests of my sweet potatoes. But they are just so gorgeous even if they are a little weird looking. Luckily I've never found many of them so I leave them alone. Hopefully they won't become a huge pest because of that.

  2. They are a real devil to get rid of too Mark Judi squashes them between her thumb nails, they do make a good photo subject, although I prefer ladybirds for that

  3. Horrible things, I used to have some lovely lilies until those beetles appeared, a shame they attacked your flowers.

  4. Definitely lily beetle - we get them too but no lilies now!


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