Monday 12 May 2014

Harvest Monday - 12th May 2014

My garden is filling up with veg, but there is still not much available to harvest.

We have had a few more radishes, though they are the last ones of my early rows and therefore not the best specimens.

As you can see, most of them have been nibbled at least to some extent by the slugs:

That doesn't stop us eating them though. A good wash and a rinse in salty water makes sure there is no nastiness left on them!

We have also had a small but steady supply of Asparagus. My few plants never produce anything remotely approaching a glut, but there have definitely been more spears to harvest this year - which is only fair since I have done everything I can think of to maximise the yield. I applied fertiliser not only last Autumn, but also again this Spring, I have carefully removed all weeds from the bed, and I have assiduously watered it during any dry spells we have had. Last year I threatened to remove the Asparagus if it didn't improve, so I think I will declare a "Stay of Execution" and keep it at least for one more year.

I am conducting an experiment concerning storing Asparagus spears once they have been cut. Since I seldom manage to harvest more than a couple of spears at a time I store them up until I have enough to make a viable serving for the two of us. Normally I keep them in the fridge in a "Stayfresh" bag, but right now I am trying this:

It is a container designed for storing herbs. The bottom part is filled with water. I suppose the stopper in the top serves to maintain the right level of humidity. We normally use this device for storing Watercress, in which role it is very effective, so I hope it will be just as good for the Asparagus.

This week I harvested the first of my lettuces. Well, not whole lettuces, just some leaves from several.

These are leaves from each of the three types of the Sarah Raven "Best Winter Lettuce Mix".

A nice contrast of colours, shapes and textures, I think.

I'm being very disciplined about my successional sowing this year, so I have more lettuces (and Endives) on the go already, at two different stages:

This is my entry for Harvest Monday, hosted as ever on Daphne's Dandelions, so why not stop by and see what some other people have harvested this past week...?


  1. Not much to pick here either must sow some radishes

  2. You're harvesting more than me, only radishes and spring onions here.

  3. The lettuces look very nice. I like how you have them in individual pot. I may try that with some of mine.

  4. You got more than me Mark and I'm impressed. The only thing, other than herbs (that were already est), I got rhubarb! Want some? :)

  5. Gorgeous greens! I also planted additional asparagus as it takes nearly 3 years to grow before you can harvest so will have to keep picking at our old beds while new ones are multiplying. I might try planting letuces in small containers to see if they will do well there. Right now they are using space that tomatoes will be in, so in two weeks they're all coming out.

  6. I just love your pictures as your beds develop. Nice harvests!

  7. Great harvest, I'm hoping to harvest some lettuce next week but I think that ill be it, maybe a few radish if they are ready.

  8. I do something similar to your jar for keeping herbs fresh. I put cilantro into a small glass then cover it with a bag. Though your jar seems less tippy than my arrangement.

  9. Lovely radishes! I hope your asparagus takes your threat seriously and produces excessive amounts next year. I'm on year three of my asparagus and they are not doing well, which is completely my fault. I have dug them up twice and made them spend almost the entire winter neglected in pots. I think I'm going to have to start over!

  10. I do something similar to keep the asparagus that I buy from the farmer's market fresh until I use it, I put it in a tall container with a bit of water in the bottom and cover it with a plastic bag which I tuck in around the asparagus. I don't have a container tall enough to seal the top with a lid, but the bag seems to work just fine. It has kept up to a week in good condition.

    Your garden looks great, so pretty and full of potential!


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