Sunday 12 December 2010

Winter sunshine

Today we have seen a bit of welcome (though rather watery) sunshine, and after all the gloomy posts we in the UK have all been publishing about the weather these last couple of weeks, I thought it might be nice to post something that includes some sunshine, to cheer us up!

Here's a picture of the house in which we live. (A typical English late 1980s property...)

This picture shows very well how 99% of my garden is hidden from view. Only the Crab Apple tree is visible, right by the front door. The secluded back garden is nicely protected from the road by a brick wall which starts at the end of that hedge you can see.

Here's a view of the veg plot from an upstairs window, with sunshine instead of snow on the fleece for a change.

This is the view across the road, just near where I took the photo of the house, with the thin sunshine still managing to cast some deep shadows around the pine trees.

The subject of this one is a really mundane - simply a section of a larch-lap fencing panel - but I love the flowing lines of the grain, interspersed with knots, and the comforting warmth of the red-brown wood.

Whilst looking out for sunshine photo opportunities I watched a squirrel come down and help himself to the seeds I had put out for the birds. A rather blurry photo I'm afraid, but squirrels seldom sit still for very long!

This next one is my favourite - some branches of a Silver Birch tree against the backdrop of a sunlit, cloudless and brilliantly blue sky.

OK, so it's hardly tropical, but it's the best we have seen for a while! Summer may be a long way off yet, but we have to make the most of what comes our way in the interim.


  1. Nice to see some sun for a change, however brief it may be!

  2. Yo could have entitled this post...Why I live where I live. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.

  3. Very nice area you live in. I, too, like the warmth of the brown wood grain with the intermittent spike knots. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your house reminds me of the house where I used to live in a suburb of London about 20 years ago! I remember that house also had a backyard and the family member planted some vegetables.


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