Thursday 9 December 2010

Prizes galore

As many of you will know, Jane publishes a magazine about entering and winning competitions. It's called The Competition Grapevine. In the course of her "duties" she enters lots of competitions and wins a fair few of them. The other day she won £10-worth of gift vouchers from the Scotts Miracle-Gro company (who run a monthly competition on their website The vouchers can be used on any products from the Scotts company, Levington's and the Miracle-Gro Garden Care range. Since all these are gardening-related products, Jane has passed the vouchers over to me.

Clearly, this is not a huge prize, but the nice thing is that it is not unusual! Jane wins loads of smallish prizes as well as the occasional big one, like our recent holiday in Canada...

Jane gets lots of pleasure from giving away some of her prizes to various family members and friends, and most of the gardening things come my way, such as this lovely rosebush called "Sunset Boulevard"

And this 15kg bag of bird-seed...

And this spade and fork...

This list could go on for a long time... Thanks, Jane!  :)

If you have never had a go at "comping" perhaps now is the time to try? As they say, "You have to be in to win".


  1. Oh I know that spade and fork, we have them here in a boutique store and I have been lusting after them for ages! Are they as good as they look? Lovely prizes, a trip to Canada is certainly something I wouldn't mind winning :)

  2. Hi Ali; The spade and fork are from Faithfull tools -- very nice items, which would be nice to own even if you had no intention of digging anything! And very good value for money too (if you don't have the fortune to win any!)

  3. Your wife's wining reminds me of when my wife won ¥30,000 (about £350) in a year-end lottery last year. I admit my wife was so kind that she spent the money for our some laxuary Chirstmas dinner.

  4. What an excellent wife! Wonder if I can get my husband to follow in her footsteps, he loves "free" stuff even more than I do...

  5. Hi Janet; Why not get him to apply for a free sample copy of Jane's magazine? It's very specialist stuff, but lots of her subscribers find it very useful in boosting their success rates.

  6. Hi Takaeko; Sounds like your wife is not only a good cook, but also a very generous person too. Many years ago, my first "win" was a similar sum of money, that I spent on our honeymoon when Jane and I were married. It's good to share things with the ones you love, isn't it?

  7. A holiday to Canada!

    A £3:00 voucher would buy a bag of Levington's all purpose Potting Compost. Very useful too.


  8. Hi Esther; I know which one I would prefer! Jane has won us many holidays in her comping career, getting us to places we would probably never have visited otherwise -- e.g. a whale-watching trip to Baja California, and a culinary tour or India.


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