Monday 6 December 2010

Spiced vodka

We're not great fans of vodka in its normal form, but last Christmas we had a "spare" bottle of vodka hanging around and we used it to make some spiced vodka from a recipe we saw in Jamie Oliver's magazine "Jamie". It turned out to be absolutely delicious, and very potent. This week we found the bottle containing the last little bit of it lurking in the depths of our freezer, and finished it up. This of course re-invigorated our interest in such things and yesterday Jane started the process of making a new bottle of it, which will be ready just in time for Christmas.

The basic concept is that you put a lot of aromatic things in a container along with the vodka, let them infuse for a couple of weeks, discard the solids, strain off the liquid and consume it -- Simples!

One bottle of vodka, lots of spices, aromatics, sugar etc

Put the whole lot in a plastic container

Swoosh it about a bit - you then have a rather unappetising-looking brown liquid

Seal the container and put it in your fridge for a couple of weeks

It doesn't look particularly nice at this stage, but believe you me, the taste of the finished thing will redeem it. We enjoyed last year's one as a "digestif" at the end of our Christmas meal, and it was very popular!


  1. Great idea, although more of a sloe gin man myself. Love your cornish pasties photo, I've been having the odd one fresh from the bakery in this bitter cold weather, very tasty.

  2. Sounds good; not sure I could stomach it. Might be good in pure orange as a festive drink?

  3. Sounds different, that is for sure! I think I might prefer Russian tea, which is spicy, to Russian Vodka! And another concern might be that alcohol and plastic are not very conpatible. I am wary of plastics these days and would prefer to put it in a glass bottle or crockery.

  4. In Winter here I was making mulled wine...looks like the same ingredients but warmed on the stove...and no waiting time needed!

  5. Sometimes we make plum liquor in almost same way with you, soaking plums in "Shochu", Japanese distilled liquor. We enjoy the liquor and hot water in winter.


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