Saturday 18 December 2010

Snow Scenes - Vol II

The snow has returned to our part of the world with a vengeance. Today it snowed really hard for about three hours, and with the ground being so cold the snow has settled immediately. Some of you may have seen on the News that Heathrow airport has been closed for much of the day - which is a pretty rare occurrence -- and we are only about 25 miles from Heathrow. My forthcoming trip to Edinburgh (supposedly starting tomorrow afternoon) is looking even more under threat. Today, fortunately, we don't have to go anywhere, so we are staying at home and admiring the scenery.

This speaks for itself I think

Shall we eat in the garden tonight, Dear?

My Volvo is probably feeling perfectly at home in these conditions

Even the compost bin looks appealing in the snow

Bay tree decorated for Christmas

Rosemary - a Mediterranean herb!

And I don't even have a cat...


  1. Wow! You're getting snow too! We've had three snows this fall (it's not officially winter yet) and are told we're getting up to 5 inches tomorrow night. Snow from the last two snowfalls is still on the ground, although some has melted. That is extremely unusual for this part of Virginia at this time of year. There are four snowmen on the lawn across the street! The weather has gone crazy!

  2. Brrrrr! I do love how crisp and clean everything looks in the snow though...even the compost bins!

  3. Very Beautiful pictures of the snow!! I want it to snow here!!

  4. The snow looks so beautiful! Best to stay in, bake and sip hot chocolate.

  5. Stay warm! Make some mulled wine and look out the windows. Your photos are great, Mark. I love the cat footprint one especially. Maybe it is a snow cat/leopard.

  6. I hope the rosemary survives! I had to protect mine with a cloth as last year's one did not survive the low temperatures.
    I love seeing animal tracks in the snow. Only then I realize how much life is there around the house. And I don't keep any animals.


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