Saturday 25 December 2010

The Christmas Blues

I thought we needed something fairly "undemanding" for a Christmas Day post (and Yes, this has been produced in advance for Scheduled posting!)...

You remember the picture of the "Ghostly chillis" I posted a few days ago...?  Well, I have done a few more in similar style. They are achieved simply by inverting the colour scheme.

I suppose you get used to things being certain colours. Most people think of carrots as being orange - though they were not originally, they were white, and lots of other coloured carrot varieties exist too, such as yellow and purple. But how would you like to eat blue carrots? (Especially ones that glowed in the dark).

Lots of people enjoy Black Beans, so why not blue beans?

Blue pears?

Blue lettuce? Why not??

These "Blue" raspberries look like to me like frog-spawn!

And these tomatillos have a very amoeba-like appearance.

These cucumbers look like some of those creatures from the depths of the ocean that we saw on David Attenborough's programme "Blue Planet".

What about some "radioactive" Tenderstem broccoli?

And despite the wide range of different-coloured varieties available does this bowl of mixed tomtatoes look quite so appealing in shades of blue and turquoise?

The fact is, we have our own PERCEPTION of what is right and what is not...

What do you reckon? Do they look right / attractive or not?


  1. Very cool pictures..Have a Merry!!

  2. Lol !!!! That is funny.
    Merry Christmas to you and to your family.

  3. What a neat collection of pictures! Very ingenious to do them this way! They are actually mysteriously beautiful! Very nice.

  4. I'd need some adjusting and getting used to seem my veges in blue. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011!

  5. The blue carrots for me are the winners, I'd munch on them any day. Lol, I wonder if I could get my children to do that too?

    Did you know you just had a sky/signwriter in your weather window before? Very cool!

  6. Very eerie photos - they look a bit radioactive.

    I like messing about with photos too and used to do a course for teachers on this sort of thing - the children loved it. I've some manipulated photos on my website here if you are interested. I love watching the unexpected effects develop but then it's difficult to reproduce as I forget all the clicking about that I did.

    Hope your new camera is working well.

  7. Hi Ali; No, I haven't seen the sky/signwriter in the weather window, though I have noticed several Christmas add-ons - like the snowman who has now acquired a hat. I keep watching that window to see when they reckon our temps are going to go above zero. It seems to be permanently "two days from now"... Jam tomorrow, never today!

  8. Hi Green Lane Allotments; The "manipulated" photos on your website are fabulous! My wife is very interested, because she is a crafter, and she's thinking about how to use some of my pictures to make craft papers etc. I'm experimenting with my new camera today - trying to take some shot of birds that are as good as yours. I have seen straight away that I won't be able to live without a telephoto zoom lens for those far-off shots (e.g. of birds). Never satisfied, eh?

  9. You'll want a tripod then too Mark. I have bought one of those remote controller so that you can fire off the camera without touching it and you can stand the tripod near to the window and move away so you don't spook the birds.

    The program I used for the wrapping paper designs was a children's art program called Colour Magic - you need something that will tile the design

  10. Fortunately I already have a tripod -- my older daughter, Emma, bought me one for Christmas. She is an experienced photographer and had correctly anticpiated the need!

  11. They are more like from another planet, but beautiful in their own unique way! If those vegetables are really blue, takes time to get used to their colour. Clever photography technics!

  12. My new camera comes with some software - presumbably for editing the photos - so I will be investigating this too (when I have learnt a bit more about the camera itself!)


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