Monday 20 December 2010

New bird sighting -- the Blackcap

Today I saw in my garden a type of bird I've never seen before - here or elsewhere. It was a male Blackcap. Unfortunately I was not able to photograph it, so the best I can do is show you a nice picture I found on someone else's website (Yes, I have checked the Copyright situation). This one comes from  Fantastic photo, Jan!

Male Blackcap - This one looks a bit stroppy!

You might also like to follow the link below to the relevant entry on the RSPB's website, which says that only about 3000 of these birds over-winter in the UK. I feel truly honoured to have one visit my garden.

RSPB - Blackcap


  1. Well spotted! Another one that has not been in our garden yet!!

  2. Wow that's exciting I'd love to see one of those!

  3. Pretty bird---looks like he has a cap on and he looks a little cross (maybe all the snow)

  4. Hi Egretta; Yes. That's what I meant when I said he looks a bit "stroppy". Looks like the Judge wearing his black cap when passing a sentence of Death!!!

  5. I haven't seen that one before, nice pic from Jan. He does look a little mean or 'stroppy'.

  6. I love seeing different birds in my garden. I've had a few this year which I haven't spotted before. I've never seen a blackcap though, either in my garden or elsewhere.


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