Thursday 4 August 2016

Wonky veg

The drive to get supermarkets to accept, and sell, imperfect (aka "wonky") fruit and vegetables seems to have largely dropped out of the news now, so I'm going to do my bit towards getting it back in again by publishing some photos of wonky veg from my own garden.

Try this for starters:

That is a "Dynnye" tomato, showing the classic condition called "Catfacing", which is very common in big Beefsteak-style tomatoes. The fruit will be perfectly OK to eat, but it will be a challenge to prepare.

This well-endowed chap would probably be rejected by the supermarkets, despite being perfectly edible and a lot more fun than those boring old "regular" tomatoes.

What about this little chilli?

This is what it's supposed to be like:

It's one of those I call "Turkey Small Red", and is growing on the plant that I over-Wintered and then nearly killed with my Washing-up Liquid spray when I was battling against aphids.

This is my favourite wonky vegetable though:

I'm calling it a bird, but Jane said it looked like something else, which for reasons of propriety I won't mention here!!

When I started my blog in 2010 I committed to showing both successes and failures. I know that lots of people think that all the produce that comes out of my plot is well-nigh perfect, but that is certainly not the case, so hopefully these photos confirm this. But then, what is "perfect" anyway?


  1. Perfect veg is something you cat eat :) I've had a few cucumbers that are fat at both ends and thin in the middle...tasted the same, so perfect. I'm pleased you've shown some chilli's with an extra "bit" as some of mine have done the same and I wasn't sure if it was a "condition" or issue.

    Anyway, must dash out and pick strawberries, I've had another flush of them and more flowers have just appeared. The other strange thing I've just realised is that my outdoor tomatoes started to ripen before the green house ones - something up there although the light levels look OK. This year is full of oddities for me :)

  2. Hi Mark...I am very familiar with those grotesque tomatoes, but never heard the term catfaced. They are the best tasting. And that carrot, put some clothes on!

  3. I can see what Jane is getting at :) I picked up some wonky carrots at the w/e from Asda, not many places doing it where i live.

  4. Funny wonky veg - every year there seem to be the odd ones that make you burst out laughing, especially when it comes to carrots :)

  5. I get a fair amount of wonky veg from my garden, and it all tastes as good as the pretty ones. When you grow it yourself you tend to be less judgmental about how it looks. And as your carrot shows, they can be quite provocative too!

  6. I ordered some 'less than perfect' potatoes from Ocado - and they were perfect! But they were very large... larger even than you get 'baking' potatoes these days. I was looking forward to some wonky shapes :(

    1. Mark, it sounds like you might have a customer here :)


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