Monday 6 June 2016

Harvest Monday - 6 June 2016

I don't have much in the way of harvests to report this week, just some Lettuce:

This one is another "Tom Thumb". We have been really impressed with this variety. It has good taste and texture, and is just the right size for a 2-person salad.

For a lettuce of such diminutive proportions, it has a surprisingly big heart!

We did also have another lettuce during the week, but I didn't photograph it. It was one of the "Dubacek" variety, and to be honest, they all look exactly the same, so I'll cheat and show you one from last week! :)

Apart from lettuce, the only other food that has come out of the garden is a bit of Mint, Thyme and Parsley.

The Tom Thumb lettuce became the main ingredient for a really nice salad that Jane made, which I'm going to describe more fully tomorrow. In this picture it's missing one vital ingredient, so come back tomorrow to see what it was!

I'm linking my post to Harvest Monday, hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres, where hopefully you will be able to see some more ambitious harvests!


  1. That's some fine-looking lettuce though :)

  2. Won't it be good to harvest something other than salads and herbs?

  3. We too love that little lettuce Tom Thumb, and tend to eat it straight away before it forms the heart, and when it does do that, there is room for the heart to form, after all the thinning!! It can really take the cold temps starting out early. Great photos Mark.

  4. Ah .. be back tomorrow. I love a mystery!

  5. It's not JUST some lettuce - it's garden fresh lettuce. After being deprived over the winter, every lettuce harvest puts a smile on my face (and yours I'm sure)!

  6. I agree with Margaret - homegrown lettuce is not JUST lettuce! Yours are lovely too.

  7. The Tom Thumb lettuce is cute and that salad looks delicious. We'll have to tune in to see what the missing ingredient is.

  8. I really want to take a guess at the missing ingredient. Your lettuce looks so fresh and crispy.

    After a few 95 degree days (35 Celsius) most of our cool weather greens have decided to bolt. A lot of them were seedlings that weren't even planted yet.


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