Monday 30 March 2015

Harvest Monday - 30 March 2015

I'm sure you were expecting to see PSB, weren't you? Well, yes, I have harvested more PSB, but what about this:

Those two cabbages are the "Tundra" ones that I planted out late last Autumn. "Tundra" is a semi-Savoy type, in other words it is fairly crinkly. Definitely a Winter vegetable.

This pair were spares, and were planted very late. I hadn't expected much of them. I cut them because they looked as if they were just about to bolt. The heads were beginning to elongate. From the outside they look quite decent, but they are not very dense. They will have to be treated as loose-leaf cabbage or Spring Greens.

Anyway, apart from the PSB, that is the end of my veg from last year. All my efforts will now be concentrated on the new year ahead.

Well, I'm sure you also want to see some PSB as well, so here you are:

My over-Wintered Parsley is going great guns at present, so I'm making the most of it with frequent pickings.

Linking up with Daphne's Dandelions for Harvest Monday.

Nothing to do with Harvest Monday, but this photo is specially for Lou(isa) from Lou@RainbowChard who is probably the only person who will see its significance!


  1. The cabbages look great. Not bad at all for spares.

  2. Those savoy cabbages look beautiful enough. Too bad they aren't as dense as they could be. But better than can be expected from late planted spares. You seem to have had good luck with your spares this year.

  3. I was expecting PSB ( Larisa not Louisa!).

  4. Those cabbages are gorgeous - they may not be dense, but they certainly look like they will make for some delicious eating.

    And hey, it's the Louisa tomato! ;)

  5. I love the "bonus" veggies that you get to harvest when they are planted against the odds. They may not be perfect, but you wouldn't have anything if you hadn't given them the chance. And I always love seeing more PSB.

  6. I finally got off my backside and went into the garden and spied some PSB, its utterly gorgeous and I am looking forward to eating it, simply steamed with a bit of butter, olive oil and seasoning. Yours look super duper too. I need a proper kick up the backside to get growing again, just seem to have lost motivation ... I am glad I am working, but its knocked my work life balance, so need to find that again. I don't even have energy to blog much these days either. Hopefully in a few months time things will fall into place. Your support and kindness has and will always be appreciated.

  7. I wish I had spares like those Mark... in fact I wish I had any for that matter.
    Great PSB but then you are the PSB expert ;D

  8. Hee hee thanks for the Larisa close-up Mark! Looks like a nice healthy seedling. I will have to see if there really are any Louisa varieties of fruit or veg out there.
    I've got my first picking of PSB this week, yummy. The two cabbages look really good too, perfect meal-size.

  9. Healthy cabbages! And the PSB looks so fresh! Lovely harvest!

  10. Cabbage looks lovely. Great harvest.

  11. The cabbages look so beautiful! I think I need to get bigger containers for healthy growth. I'm so inspired by the pictures of your harvests.


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