Monday 23 March 2015

Harvest Monday - 23 March 2015

This week I am putting PSB is second place on my post, because it has been very prominent in my Harvest Monday posts for the last couple of weeks. Instead I am putting at the top of the list Lettuce:

I picked the last of the over-Wintered Lettuces (there are 5 Lettuces in that bowl). They were planted out very late last year, but grown under cloches throughout the last few months.

Lettuce "Marvel of 4 Seasons"

They are not big, nor are they choice specimens, but they are available well before any new-season Lettuce could be. I sowed some Lettuce seeds about 2 weeks ago, but they are not going to mature for at least a couple of months, so this does make the over-Wintered ones seem attractive.

Lettuce "Valdor"
Anyway, those Lettuces, when put together with some Landcress, made enough salad for two meals for the two of us.

And here is the PSB... No further explanation required, I feel.

PSB "Red Spear"

To go with the Lettuce seen above, I also harvested the one lone Radicchio that was left:

This one was supposedly "Variegato di Castelfranco", but it is not like the ones I have had before. Usually that variety produces more rounded leaves which are a creamy white / yellow, with dark splotches. I think this one is not what it was claimed to be. Have a look at this: Variegato di Castelfranco


This is my entry for "Harvest Monday", hosted by Daphne's Dandelions. I hope you will go across and see Daphne's garden emerging at long last from the snow!


  1. A lovely harvest Mark, it must be satisfying to harvest your own lettuce at this time of year.

  2. It was definitely worth overwintering some lettuce, great to have it fresh from the garden at this time of year.

  3. At first I thought those speckles on the radicchio were holes

  4. I bet that lettuce is better than any other you could get at this time of the year. Though your PSB still is the star even if not listed first. How could it not be?

  5. Although the Castelfranco radicchio was not what it claimed to be, it is no less beautiful! Can't wait for those first fresh salads from our garden; unfortunately for us, still a couple of months to go.

  6. The lettuces and PSB look great. The Radicchio looks very decorative - would make a lovely border. I'm still harvesting kale and some lettuce; still have a few bits n pieces.

  7. Love that PSB, it certainly is the star of the show. The lettuce looks good to me, my last overwintered lettuce had to give up a lot of brown leaves before I could show it off. The winter here has be so mild, no downright warm, that the new lettuces are not far off.

  8. I tried overwintering lettuce but was unsuccessful so gave up. Sowed my radicchio seeds last week will be a while before any harvest especially since much of my garden is still covered with snow.

  9. The greens sure look nice but it's hard to take one's eye off that beautiful PSB. Overwintering lettuce is theoretically possible here but extracting it from under the 8 foot snow cover is the trick.

  10. That first shot of the PSB is spectacular!


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