Friday 20 March 2015

Garden Art

I have recently connected via Twitter with a gentleman called Tim Baynes, who paints amazing pictures in a very distinctive style, which would be very hard to dislike! Tim had seen my blog and contacted me to ask if he could paint a picture representing my plot. Of course I was thrilled by this and accepted immediately. I sent Tim some photos and he selected one as the inspiration for this charming painting:

I think Tim has accurately captured the feel of my plot  - diverse, busy, but "ordered". Down in the bottom right-hand corner of the picture he has written a witty little comment: "Over 50 shades of green"!

To put the icing on the cake, as it were, Tim has very generously sent me the original painting, which I plan to get framed so that I can display it somewhere appropriate.

I have had a good browse through Tim's own website, and I was amazed at the quality, breadth and diversity of his work. I think you should all go and have a look! He has even written a post on his own blog about this painting, and it shows very well how he has taken the original photo and applied his magic to it. Here it is... I am in awe of his skill.

I am naturally very much enthused by the power of the Social Media at present. Sometimes it puts you in touch with such really nice people!

Tim, if you read this, I would just like to say "Thank you" again, and I hope that I will be able to return the favour in some small measure by providing you and Sian with a steady supply of garden (and kitchen) inspiration via my blog.


  1. Lovely, I do like this style of art, and he has captured the feel of your garden perfectly :)

  2. What a beautiful representation of your garden...

  3. what a supremely talented artist and what a refreshing change from a photograph

  4. oh my word how gorgeous!... sometimes these things can be a bit twee but I love his 'sketchbook' style. So lovely, you must be really chuffed!


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