Tuesday 2 September 2014

Vegetable art

I enjoy making my harvests look good, and presenting them nicely. I don't produce a lot of anything, and I feel that some good photographs can help to compensate for this! Here are some photos of my harvest from a couple of days ago. See what you make of them...

This is the sort of harvest I like best - a mixture of lots of different vegetables.

What do you think of this double-headed beetroot? I've never seen one like that before.

My style of gardening doesn't involve growing vast quantities of any particular crop. Instead I like to have just one or two of several things. There are some exceptions: this year I had 26 pots of potatoes, though I deliberately chose many different varieties so that they would mature over a long period. I also usually grow more Runner Beans and Tomatoes than we can consume fresh, so some of those get preserved - either by making into sauce (tomatoes), or freezing (beans).

This is the sort of basketful of goodies with which you could tempt a novice gardener to have a go at growing veg, surely?

The baskets I use for posing the photos come from our local charity shops, and seldom cost more than a pound, but I think they add a certain attraction to the photos, don't you? This big shallow one is especially good because it allows me to spread things out so that everything is visible.

Someone suggested recently that I should go into business selling photos like these printed onto canvas and framed. Do you think people would like something like that hanging in their kitchen? And more to the point, would they buy it?


  1. I must say all your veg looks in good shape, i usually dig mine up in all different shapes and sizes...xx

  2. I wish I could find more baskets. Mine was a gift basket when my son was born. He used it as an Easter basket while he lived here. Then I took it over as a harvest basket. I've looked around in shops here, but haven't found any nice basket.

  3. The colours in the top photo look great and eye catching. Re: printing on canvas - You do have some great photos, not sure how to sell such things. If you could find the right outlet to sell and distribute them it could be a great business opportunity. I've been meaning to have a go at getting a few photos printed onto canvas to hang in the house but haven't got them done yet.

  4. You always present your harvests beautifully. I've never see a double headed beetroot like that before either.

  5. that is a beautiful basket of veg... but you do always present your veg so beautifully. All that colour has GOT to be good for you right? I have a recipe that will use up that beetroot...

  6. You don't need to compensate for your harvest - you produce lots of good quality veg. Very difficult to judge what people will buy - you just need to have a go.


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