Monday 8 September 2014

Harvest Monday - 8th Sept 2014

The harvest this week has slowed down a bit. I haven't picked a large quantity of anything. Another batch of "Boltardy" beetroot was about the most significant thing:

These ones are not quite as elegant as some of the previous batches, but still nice enough.

This is how they met their end:

I have had one or two tomatoes, a couple of cucumbers and about six Runner Beans all told.

There was that little bunch of radishes...

One or two of my tomato plants have got blight now, so I have picked these green tomatoes, in the hope that they might ripen indoors, which they certainly would not if left on a blight-infected plant.

I also picked two leeks - the ones that had bolted. Following advice from other gardeners, I made them into Potato-and-Leek soup, because they would have been too tough to use in any other way. They had developed a sort of thick inner core, but it fortunately broke down quite nicely during cooking. I didn't think to photograph them before preparation, but here's a photo of them in the process of being made into soup.

And here's the soup. I deliberately left it thick and chunky - more like a chowder than a soup, I think.

At the weekend I did manage to pick another two cucumbers:

If you look closely you will see that both of them had some slug damage, but I know that it will be only skin-deep, and once they are peeled the cucumbers will be fine.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention the chillis that I wrote about in yesterday's post!

Well, I started off by saying that I hadn't picked much, but on second thoughts, maybe I have!

This is my entry for Harvest Monday, hosted as ever by Daphne's Dandelions


  1. It looks like quite a bit to me. Not a lot of any one thing, but lots of variety.

  2. Yum, the soup looks delicious. My beans show no signs of slowing down yet, we're eating them, freezing them and giving them to family and friends.

  3. Those beets are lovely. I surely wish I could acquire a taste for them.

  4. Mark, it looks like your harvest is winding down, but all this looks quite good. That leek soup looks hearty and delicious. I love to see how you use all your delicious vegs!

  5. That was a nice variety of veggies for the week. I do happen to like beets and your salad looks delicious.

  6. Nice beets. Other than the first planting I did not have much success with beets this year. I really like the look of the Nosferatu peppers.

  7. Yes, looks like quite a bit to me as well. Very nice variety. Sorry about blight on your tomatoes though. I hope those green ones ripen up for you.

  8. Nice harvest. I can't wait until our leeks mature later this fall and we are able to make some soup. I have similar damage on my cucumbers but mine is due to the dreaded cucumber beetles.

  9. Very nice harvests with a lot of variety. Boy, those slugs get into just about everything, don't they? Around here they have stayed primarily on the far.

  10. I love the reality check that Harvest Mondays or end of month round ups give us. I thought the same, that I hadn't really had anything to harvest from the veg patch, then I wrote the list and suddenly I felt like I'd had tons! I'm never going to be one of those veg gardeners that weighs everything, I'm happy knowing that I can pick fresh greens and herbs - and occasionally, fruit - for a meal. I think your haul looks very nicely balanced - and I love your bread board, by the way! (I want one for my veg patch!) Caro xx PS, My chillis are coming along nicely; I may ask you for storage tips soon!

  11. Lovely harvests! I bet that leek and potato soup was DELICIOUS. I love leeks so much.


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