Tuesday 23 September 2014

Cobweb season

Over the last few days we have had some very typical English Autumn weather: chilly, misty mornings followed by bright (occasionally hot) afternoons. One day we had some heavy rain in the evening, and this brought the spiders out "en masse". First thing next morning the garden was absolutely covered with cobwebs.

Trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs: they were all draped in feathery festoons of spider-web, glistening with dew.

Some of the plants were so thickly covered that you could hardly see them.

Here's one of the perpetrators - a Garden spider - one of many such individuals in the garden right now.

You have to admire their industriousness! Break one of their webs and they'll rebuild it by next morning.

I think I would be very scared if I were a flying insect...

This may look like an enticing hammock, but it's a deadly trap for the unwary fly.

For me this is the epitome of Autumn: fallen leaves and cobwebs.

And fungi...


  1. so many spiders over the past few months and they're getting bigger and bigger... love your pictures, so beautiful x

  2. I don't mind seeing spiders in the garden, but I definitely don't like them in the house. We've had loads over the last few weeks and they're huge. Apparently, it's spider mating season and they're on the hunt for a mate. Well, I wish they'd look somewhere else. Lovely photos, you've captured those intricate webs so well.

  3. Lots of cobwebs here too, in the garden though I add. Lovely shots of them Mark.

  4. I have this thing about spiders - love their usefulness but they are one of the few things that creep me out. I'm trying to get over it though. I touched a tiny one the other day - with a gloved finger - and that in itself is something I would never have been able to do even a year ago. Baby steps.

  5. Lovely cobwebs. I admire them in the garden. I'm not a fan of the spiders though as they freak me out. I do like that they eat things in the garden though.

  6. I usually see a few webs here and there but nothing like in your pictures. These are absolutely beautiful particularly the second, third and fourth pictures. Like paintings. I'm sure you must have spent a longer time in the garden taking tons of photos.:)

  7. We had a garden spider spin a web between two wheelie bois and felt guilty when we had to wheel one away

  8. I always feel guilty at destroying a wen when they have gone to so much trouble - the thing is they do 't always make them in convenient places.

  9. Didn't realize you had them, too! I was thinking tropical Florida must be the buggiest place in the world! Not only spiders, but lately tons of frogs and lizards.


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