Sunday 28 September 2014

British Veg

On Friday Jane cooked a good old-fashioned British beef casserole, so I thought I should provide some good old-fashioned British veg to accompany it, so this is what I produced:

I'm so pleased with these carrots. For the first time ever I have a crop of carrots that have completely escaped the ravages of the Carrot Root Fly. The covering barrier of Enviromesh has done its job admirably. They are mostly "Early Nantes", by the way.

The "Toledo" Leeks, likewise, have been better than I had dared to hope for. They are really densely-packed and strongly-flavoured.

This is my first little batch of Brussels Sprouts for the year. They are few, and not very big, but we just wanted them! Sprouts are probably Jane's favourite vegetable. I know that they would have grown bigger if left for longer, but this year I have enough plants to justify picking some early - young and delicious. By the way, these ones are of the variety "Brilliant".

What vegetables come to mind when you are asked to name typically British vegetables? I think I would have to add to the ones above the Parsnip, the Cabbage and the Swede Turnip. They are all ones that I associate with late Autumn or Winter - ones that go well in or with a hearty casserole!


  1. Lovely veggies. I don't think I could name a typical American veg. Maybe broccoli or green beans would fit the bill. We certainly don't use parsnips very often (a shame as they are so good). And rutabagas (what you call Swede turnips) are really uncommon here though you can buy them in some stores. I don't know if I've ever had them. Though the US isn't very homogenous in culture, including food culture. So there may well be places here where they are popular.

  2. Wonderful. I love sprouts too but no one else will touch them so I only have them at Christmas unless I make a point of doing them for myself. I would add peas to the list you've made of British veg.

  3. What a refreshing breath of fresh air to see such fresh edibles. Nice job in both growing and photographing.

  4. Lovely selection Mark. Runner beans would be my traditional British veg of choice.

  5. As above I'd add peas and runner beans but also broad beans too

  6. Those veg look tantalising, Mark. Lovely crops!


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