Monday 29 September 2014

Harvest Monday - 29th September 2014

My harvest this week has as usual not been big, but varied.

In the basket this time are Beetroot, Runner Beans, Chillis, Peppers, Lettuce, Cucumbers, Tomatoes and one solitary French Bean.

The Lettuce are "Webbs Wonderful", an Iceberg type. I was only able to use the hearts because the outer leaves had been extensively nibbled by slugs. Here's a tip for separating the leaves of a tight lettuce like this (and Little Gem / Romaine types too): do it under a running tap. The water gets under the leaves and lifts them apart gently so they don't tear.

The two tomatoes you see in the basket are "Maskotka", the first ripe ones from a small second crop on my two plants of this variety. They avoided the blight which took down the bigger varieties, and made it through the compost contamination saga better than any of the others, and now they are producing a second crop. I think you can understand why this is my favourite tomato variety!

"Maskotka" - 26 Sept 2014

I am also reckoning the "Orkado" tomatoes picked two weeks ago but only just ripened (indoors):

And the Mesclun I wrote about on Saturday:

And of course on Friday I got these, about which I wrote yesterday:

Saturday produced this modest yield - some more chillis and a handful of "Cobra" French Beans.

As the saying goes, "Every little helps"...

This is my entry for the Harvest Monday blog-hop, hosted as ever by Daphne's Dandelions.

P.S. My blog was recently given an very nice accolade in an interview of prominent blogger Laila Noort (whose blog is by Dave Ledoux who runs Back To My Garden. You can listen to the podcast here:


  1. The quantity may not be huge but the variety is wonderful. You won't get bored eating one thing. I'm a convert to Maskotka, I'll definitely be growing them again next year and they've even been praised by my dad who always stuck with two or three same varieties each year in his growing days.

  2. Lovely batch of harvests. I love the one with the leeks and Brussels sprouts the best. I'm growing neither in my garden, but love them both.

  3. The variety you have is simply amazing. Unfortunately for us, we are now down to all things green once again - all the summer crops are basically done. The slugs are going crazy here too...everywhere I look I see nibbled leaves.

  4. Maskotka certainly seems like a winner, I doubt there are very many other varieties that could endure the trials it had to withstand this year. Great looking brussels sprouts, I've always had a difficult time with those and have given up. But maybe next year...

    1. Michelle, I think climate has a big impact on success with growing Brussels Sprouts. Maybe your climate is too warm for them to do well?

  5. Your vegetables are always so beautiful. Those leeks of yours make me want to try again next year. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Great looking harvest. Nice variety of produce. Your leeks look great. I had some success with mine.


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