Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Peppers and Chillis are ripening

The warm weather we have had over the last month or so has brought the chillis on quickly. Most of the plants have at least a few fruits turning colour. These are small sweet peppers, grown from seeds brought back from a holiday in Turkey - hence nicknamed "Turkish Sweet Pepper".

This is what the Turkish peppers look like before they ripen. They are a very pale shade of green.

In another pot I have "King of the North", also a Sweet Pepper.

I'm fairly sure that the fruits of this plant have been affected by the contaminated compost problem because they don't look like a normal pepper. Instead of being round and "blocky" they are thin and "pointy".

This ripening one looks more like a tomato.

This colourful fella is "Ohnivec":

I tried one of the immature (cream-coloured) ones a couple of days ago, just to see what they are like. It was surprisingly hot, but very nicely flavoured.

My "Explosive Embers" chilli plant is covered in tiny purple fruit now.

This is a very compact plant, which would be ideally suited to growing on a sunny windowsill.

Although currently a bright purple colour, those chillis will ripen to red, like these "Nosferatu" ones, which started out being almost black.


  1. I thought the sunny days would have ripened my tomatoes early this year but most of the larger varieties are still stubbornly green. Looks like you'll be harvesting lots of chillis and sweet peppers soon.

  2. I love the purple peppers. They look more ornamental than most chilies do.

  3. I'm growing some peppers that are called Atris, also thin and pointed so I wonder if yours is similar variety?

  4. We have more sweet pepper fruits than usual - all still green

  5. I'm growing King of the North too, but they are growing oh so slowly and only one plant has more than one fruit on it. None show even the slightest hint of changing colour yet, although I suppose that's not surprising as we have had an unusually cool summer this year.


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