Wednesday, 20 August 2014


My "Iznik F1" cucumber plants are past their first flush of youth!

From a distance, you would say that those plants (there are three of them) are definitely past it, but underneath the tatty leaves there are still some nice cucumbers coming on:

This one is a particularly fine specimen. They have not all been as straight and regular as this.

One of the plants is much smaller than the other two, because its seed was sown much later, at a point when I feared the two bigger ones would not survive. This has proved to be very advantageous, since the late-comer is just beginning to produce its first fruits at the time when the others are beginning to fade.

The other pot has only one plant in it, but it too is not finished. Another batch of flowers and new leaves is beginning to appear in the leaf-axils.

As long as the weather doesn't get too bad I expect I will be getting several more cucumbers.

I used to think it was difficult to successfully grow cucumbers outdoors in the UK, but I have changed my mind. For the last 3 years I have grown this so-called "cocktail" type and they have done very well. All 3 years I have had "Iznik F1", and last year I tried "Melen" too, but I think Iznik is better. The small (6" / 15cm) cucumbers it produces are a good size for eating at one go, and they have a nice texture - crisp and crunchy, yet refreshing at the same time. In terms of growing-space they don't take up much room either. Strongly recommended!


  1. My cukes are starting to get a bit tatty too. And about half of the cucumbers they are forming aren't beautiful and straight. But they are still pumping them out.

  2. The smaller cucumbers are better for us as we don't eat a huge amount. I've grown Mini Munch for the last two years now and they've done really well.

  3. Just been given two outdoor cukes by a fellow plotholder didnt realise you could grow them outdoors but they taste delicious all the same

  4. Mine have definitely seen better days but still plenty of fruits forming - only Marketmore survived this year - prickly skins that have to be peeled - the best thing about the mini-cucumber is that they are usually all female which means no messing about taking off male flowers.

  5. We are converts to the minis. They are so crisp and juicy - we had Mini Munch.


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