Tuesday 14 February 2012

A Winter collection

We don't get snow that often where I live, so I have been making the most of the recent opportunity. This post is a selection of snow- and frost-themed photos. I don't think I need to write anything for this one. The pictures say it all!

Anyone for an iced bun?

Frost on one of the mini-greenhouses


Crocus in close-up

Twin peaks

Stop that Pigeon...

Anyone seen my Asparagus recently?

Thawing a little...


  1. That first one made me chuckle...alot!!

  2. Great photos, Mark! I like the Twin peaks and crocuses. My crocuses were eaten by squirrels... Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. It would be nice to have snow...occasionally...if only for the photo opportunities. It does snow very occasionally (once every 5-10years) where I grew up and my parents still live but we don't even get frost here in the city.

  4. I'm heading outside to thaw out after looking at your fantastic photos.
    We're a toasty 33°C today, so it was nice to chill for a wee whilie :D

  5. The snow gives so many photo opportunities. Our snow has all gone now, thank goodness. It hung around a little too long for my liking.

  6. We haven't had any snow this year. We get some maybe once every three years and then once every 5 years we might get some that stays on the ground. Last year was kind of a record year, it snowed 3 times (most missed one time because it was at 3:00 in the morning) and twice it actually stayed on the ground. Not likely that will happen this year and I am kind of glad. It has been pretty nice to have a mostly warm winter this year.

  7. wasn't it an amazing amount of snow?... we had so much and it was very icy too so everything was glittering... so pretty, like someone had dredged the world with icing sugar!


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