Monday 20 February 2012

Iris Reticulata - variations on a theme

In my garden the Irises are usually amongst the earliest plants to flower (beaten only by the Crocuses), so I see them as indicators that the Winter is coming to an end. For me one of their main advantages is that they are short plants and less prone to wind-damage than taller ones would be, and in the Late Winter / Early Spring we often get very strong winds.

This post is simply a collection of photos of my various types of Iris Reticulata, all currently in bloom. I don't have many of them, but as individual flowers I think they are incredibly beautiful. And they come in lots of different colours...

Yes, I think I ought to get a few more of these... Can you get yellow ones? I know that you can get large yellow ones, so presumably small varieties are available too.


  1. Yes you can get yellow ones! We have some newly planted iris which are a sort of greyish blue - I'd have thought they'd have been on flower by now but they're just popping through!

    Do your irises flower every year as I was told they often don't flower after the first time.

  2. What lovely colours they are, so cheerful.

  3. Hi Mark,

    Loved your photos of the iris.
    Yes I do know of a couple of yellow iris

    ‘Lutescens - New - Originates from Castellon, Spain - A nice small form of bearded iris in shades of yellow. Needs a sunny spot in a raised bed or in pots. Has tufts of sword like foliage. April flowering.

    winogradowii - a rare species native to the Caucasus. Bright yellow with green on the falls. A must for the collector and popular with AGS and SRGC members. Best in Alpine house or plant in light well drained position in a raised bed. Outstanding Ht. 4in (7cm).'

    Both were available last year from a lovely small friendly company

    They have a wonderful selection of miniature bulbs though you do have to get in quick once they open up to each year’s orders.

    Hope that helps!

  4. I do love Iris's, those purple ones look almost velvety.

  5. Yes, you can get yellow ones. They too are lovely. I used to grow both colours in bowls indoors - and miniature tulips at the same time too - but I haven't managed to get them to grow outside.

  6. Amazing irises. Although I am afraid to plant any bulbs for a while after squirrels dug out all my crocuses last fall.

  7. They're indeed very pretty! And they come in so many colours too! The most common iris around our parts is the Walking Iris. They'll be blooming soon.

  8. I hadn't seen the small ones like that. How nice!

  9. One of my favourites flowers - though I always grow mine in pots. Maybe in the next garden I will try some in the ground - and expand my colour palette!


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