Saturday 4 February 2012

Frost patterns - Nature's own artform

Sometimes Nature's form leaves me in awe. With our temperatures having barely climbed above zero for several days now, everything in the garden has been liberally sprinkled with fantastically-shaped frost crystals.

The most spectacular ones have been on the plastic bell-cloches:

The dark side of the Moon?



Hairy spiders?

Snoopy's friend Woodstock?

This one shows air-bubbles suspended in a lump of ice:

Champagne Frappé?

I think I might make this one into a wallpaper pattern...

Snow is falling now. Nothing dramatic yet, just a few light flakes, but it's settling immediately because the ground is so cold.


  1. Beautiful images Mark, nature truly is wonderful.

    I can remember having ice on the insides of our windows in Wales, even if the fire was kept in all night there would still be Jack Frost's pictures in the morning.

    We have snow here in North Bucks too, started at about 16.45.

  2. I noticed similar on our velux window and was tempted to take a picture, but with my sad old camera I'm not sure it would have been worth it!

  3. You ARE getting plenty of practise with that lens Mark. Lovely patterns

  4. Sue; the photos were actually taken with the standard 14-42 lens, not the Macro!

  5. The frost really does leave some wonderful patterns. We've had snow for most of the day here and it hasn't let up at all, it's quite deep now and it's still falling.

  6. Nature's the master artist! Truly stunning Mark, which we can all marvel at now that you've captured them.
    We're still in +30 degree days here so its good to see frosticles to keep us cool.
    Get ready to build that snowman ;D

  7. We are up to our armpits in snow here so no frost patterns for us.

  8. Those are fun photo's from your deep freeze! I was watching some premiership football this am (evening your time) and noticed lot's of white snow on the pitch. My family in Holland was boasting snowy pictures too. I hope you are staying nice and cozy! Cheers, Jenni

  9. Very interesting and pretty frost patterns!
    Yes, I do believe that is Woodstock!
    Here in the southern USA we are getting mild temperatures and lots of rain.
    This afternoon when the rain stopped, the fog moved in.
    Hope you are having a great week-end!
    Lea's Menagerie

  10. Those pictures look like something out of a fairy tale. Even in Winter it never gets cold enough here to have frost and now in summer most days are in the mid thirties.

  11. They are beautiful - if only they weren't saying cold, cold, cold to me.

  12. Beautiful pics Mark as ever!!! I love when Jack Frost visits. My nan used to tell me that it was the fairies and Jack dancing all night in the garden....I still believe her! lol x

  13. Now that was fun! Did you find a pattern between the cloches of what type of crystal grew where?

  14. David; No there didn't seem to be any particular pattern. The cloches all seemed to have a bit of everything. Today, the frost has all gone. We have instead a thin covering of mushy, slowly-thawing snow.

  15. Wonderful patterns. So beautiful.

  16. Awwwwww how gorgeous! Nature is amazing. Some beautiful pics with delightful detail.

  17. Beautiful shots - love the bubbles. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for these :) Got here from google images "Frost Patterns"

    Very nice stuff thank you again for sharing such natural beauty =)


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