Saturday 18 February 2012

Signs of Spring?

I must apologise for being less in evidence than usual these last few days. I have been travelling a lot and I have not had time or energy for much blogging, so I have concentrated on producing material for my own blog rather than looking at others. Currently we are away from home on a long weekend in the Cotswolds, and I don't know if I am going to get much/any internet access, so I am relying on Blogger to publish some scheduled posts for me. This morning there have been some problems with Blogger anyway, and although I have tried to comment on several blogs I have in most cases been unsuccessful.


Our Winter has been very unpredictable. We have had a lot of mild weather; less rainfall than usual; and less wind. On the other hand we have had a couple of spells of very cold weather, and the temperatures have fluctuated a lot. Our poor old plants must be very confused. Just when they think that we are never going to get a proper Winter and begin to put up new growth, along comes another few days of bitter cold.

Some of my plants are beginning to produce buds now. Let's hope they don't regret it...

The Blueberries are in pots close to the house and therefore relatively sheltered. Although I have four different varieties which have fruit that ripens at different times, they all seem to produce their first buds simultaneously.


The flowers on the Bay trees are never individually impressive, but en masse they will look good.


The Wallflowers have recovered very well from the severe frosting they had. I can't tell yet what colour this one is going to be, but it won't be long now. Possibly one of the deep red ones.


There are lots of Crocuses flowering now, though they haven't had much sunshine to enjoy. This one is in a very open position and had opened-up fully.


Whereas this clump is in a very shady spot, near the base of the Fish tree and the flowers are remaining firmly closed.


Those are what I would describe as "naturalised". Some years ago I planted a couple of corms at the base of this tree, and they have grown and expanded over the years into quite a decent clump.

I have quite a few Daffodils around the garden, and the first of them is showing some colour now. This one is "Tête à Tête", a variety that only grows to a height of about 8 inches, so it is less vulnerable to the strong winds that we so often experience at Daffodil time.

These are taller ones. I've forgotten what type they are.


I have been going out to work very early this week (about 06:30), and it is nice that it's not pitch dark still at that time any more. One morning there was even quite a Dawn Chorus of birdsong. Definitely Spring is not too far away.


  1. An uplifting post Mark, especially the note about the dawn chorus.

    My wallflowers are still blooming and have been since September or October, most odd.

  2. I have lots of varieties on mini daffodils. I much prefer them in the garden - I grow the taller ones on the plot for cutting.

  3. I will be listening for the dawn is the loveliest of music, am sure you will agree.

    You are travelling in a beautiful area of England.

    Great Photos Mark and dare I say, am envious of your crocus, as the squirrels eat mine. Learned this winter, there is a variety they call Tommies so will look for them, as they are not as attractive to critters.

  4. Those crocus look fabulous. Hope you're enjoying your break, and eating and drinking well as usual. I used to run training courses out of an old manor house in the Cotswolds and came to really like that part of the country.

  5. Our daffodils are blooming so it must be close.
    When I could not reply to posts on Internet Explorer I had to switch to another browser as I never was able to post again on Internet Explorer :(

  6. Mark, your crocuses are so beautiful! I enjoy looking at it (that's the only my option left after squirrels dug out all of mine in the winter - I planted 150 bulbs in the fall, all gone)

  7. Enjoy your break Mark. I noticed the first of my own purple crocuses yesterday, very exciting, but no signs of daff flowers or wallflower buds as yet.

  8. Lots of of nice plants! is this typical of this time of year for Britain, or early? i always thought the UK growing season mirrored Boston's (the states)but crocuses and daffodils dont bloom there until April/May.

  9. I think the dawn chorus is what I miss most, but by 0700 here, there is some, a cardinal has been singing his song, and I saw a redwinged blackbird the other day so we too are getting there, but there is plenty of time for snow!

  10. We can realize the signs of spring if we can look closer and carefully at them since they always appear slowly. I love your crocus! I can imagine you are looking forward to seeing other flowers.

  11. Hope you're enjoying your break in the Cotswolds. It's a lovely bright sunny day here today, but it's mighty cold.


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