Monday 31 October 2016

Harvest Monday - 31st October 2016

My harvests this week are very much "More of the same".

I'm still harvesting ripe chillis. This little basket has in it one egg-shaped Rocoto, and a few each of "Ring of Fire" (the fatter ones) and "Turkey Small Red".

This basket has two "Devil's Tongue, Chocolate", two of the unidentified Panamanian Habaneros (the pointy ones, top left), and a few ordinary Red Habaneros, mostly very small, but including two decent-sized ones.

I'm particularly glad to get ripe fruit from those Panamanian chillis. I didn't think any of them would make it to maturity, but once I brought the plant inside, it came on very rapidly. There are lots more fruits, but they are tiny and green. I wonder whether they will continue to grow?

The "Boltardy" Beetroot is still going strong. The rate of growth has slowed down a lot - it's almost at Stop now, but there always seem to be some there when I want some.

I'm still picking Lettuce. The ones I sowed in mid-August grew very slowly and are still tiny. I had to pick three to make a 2-person salad!

Dubacek, Tom Thumb, Little Gem.

Our salad was augmented by the first Endive of the year:

This one is not fully mature, and it has not been tied for blanching, but even so, there were some lovely pale leaves in the middle.

Don't ask me what variety it is, because it comes from a batch of 8 mixed varieties!

I picked the last batch of beans for this year, a mere 75g:

That is definitely the last batch, because I have now cut down and composted the plants.

A few more chilli plants have gone the same way - but not before I harvested the last of their fruit.

Seen in more detail below are 3 curved red "Cayenne Thick", 5 of the contorted "Lucifer's Dream, Red" (top left), 4 "Piment d'Espelette" (bottom right), and one solitary "Nigel's Outdoor" (bottom left, just showing some red).

I think most of these will colour-up pretty quick now that they're in the warm.

Of course there was the usual batch of carrots:

They were the usual mix of "tiddlers", and OK ones. This time there was only one wonky one.

That's my harvest for this week. I'm linking my post to Harvest Monday over on Our Happy Acres, so why not drop by and see what other people have been harvesting?


  1. Some lovely harvests. Your lettuce sounds much like mine, except I think I'd have to harvest twice as many heads to get even a small salad from my bed.

  2. For the time of season that's a very nice harvest of greens, root crops and peppers.

  3. "More of the same" sure seems nice! Devils Tongue Chocolate sure is a pretty pepper, but it sounds very spicy. I'm surprised that your bean plants managed to produce such good looking beans at this late date. Love that wonky carrot, it's cute.

    1. The Devil's Tongue chilli is a Capsicum Chinense type, so yes, very hot (approx. 350,000 SHU?).

  4. You grow so many different lovely varieties of peppers, and I think the only one I have ever grown is the Aji Limon. You do like your chillis hotter than I do though, and the Devil's Tongue sounds like it would burn my tongue right off!

  5. Looks like you have quite a nice harvest for late autumn. I always think about potting up a pepper plant and bringing it in for the winter, but it never seems to happen. I'll be curious to see how yours does over the winter.

  6. The late beans were worth sowing, weren't thet?

  7. Another enviable harvest you have there :) I've finished picking my chillies and have a good 200. Problem is they are all a little hot for me. I think I have 20 years supply of dried chilli now that I've put them through the dehydrator.


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