Saturday 8 October 2016

Those seeds ARE viable

A short while ago I wrote about removing a huge Leaf Celery plant and saving some of the seeds from it. At the time I mentioned that in removing the plant it was not possible to stop lots of the seeds falling to the ground, and I speculated about whether they would be viable. Today I'll show you the evidence.

Here's a photo of the Leaf Celery plant flowering (It got even bigger later). Notice the black container at the right of the photo, with asparagus growing in it.

Here is that black container now - with thousands of tiny Leaf Celery seedlings coming up in it!

In amongst the shingle underneath there are also loads of little seedlings.

I'm not going to be short of Leaf Celery for a while! I suspect that many of the seedlings will not survive the forthcoming Winter, but equally, some will. I just wish that Parsley would grow this well for me too.


  1. It's odd that many consider Leaf Celery difficult to germinate. But then we would slavishly sow the seed in the spring and harden the plants off and ... and ... But nature has decided to autumn sow, successfully so far, and I'm always tempted to think Mother knows best. It'll be interesting to see how your seedlings get on.

  2. Looks like my sea of chamomile - they are easy to pull out but my, there are just SO many seedlings that I always seem to miss some.

  3. Oh I wish Parsley would grow that well for me too, it's one of the few herbs I struggle to get going and actually keep long enough to be a useable plant.

  4. A lot of things want to germinate in early autumn. You are always told to sow in spring but I have found many things work if planted in Autumn. My favourite flower, the corn cockle, said on the seed packet sow in spring but when I saw the seeds germinating in their pods the other autumn I started sowing them then. They turned out fine. I now sow many things in both Autumn and spring to get early and late crops or flowers. Not all work very well with a bad winter but work they do :) Spinach, chard, beetroot and parsnip work.

  5. If all those seedlings do survive you may have a problem.


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