Monday 24 October 2016

Harvest Monday - 24 October 2016

The carrots are still going strong! I pull up a bunch like this about once a week, but there never seem to be any less in the ground. It's amazing how many carrots you can get from even a small space.

As usual, this batch was a mixture of nice regular ones, with some short dumpy ones and a couple of knobbly ones. They're all edible though, given a bit of care in preparation.

You probably saw a few days ago that I had picked a big basket of chillis - of course I'm including this in my harvest tally for the week:

With the weather remaining fairly mild (no frosts yet), the late-sown French Beans are giving me a small but very welcome harvest. This batch was 105g - not a lot, but enough for a 2-person serving.

That's all the harvests I can muster for this week, but I'm expecting to be able to show off my first Parsnips pretty soon. I usually leave it until after the first frost, because frost is alleged to make the Parsnips sweeter.

I'm linking my post to Harvest Monday, hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres.


  1. Beautiful basket of chillis! And the carrots too. It is amazing how many can grow in a small space.

  2. Those late season beans are lovely. I'm getting a few here myself, and they are a nice treat. And the carrots look pretty too!

  3. We are still eating my Spring sowing of carrots. (Mesh is wonderful to keep them free of carrot fly - this year I just flung it over them and they lifted it high!)
    Its a shame when gardeners sow their carrot seed too lightly. Carrots are capable of huge yields

  4. Ditto on the carrots - I feel as if I have pulled up pounds already (which I, in fact, have!) but have barely made a dent in the bed!

  5. Who needs uniformity when it comes to carrots? It's always good to pull the first parsnips as until you do you never know whether there is a decent root beneatg the foliage. The basket of chilies is really colourful.

  6. I have a few carrots left as well as curly kale,cabbage, chard, leeks. There are still some beetroot in the ground but they may be rock hard by now.


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