Monday 30 May 2016

Harvest Monday - 30th May 2016

This week the salads have come on stream in quantity.

I picked another big batch of Baby Leaf Salad - the third from my little 18" square mini-bed.

After harvesting these leaves I pulled up the plants from which they came, and started again. This time I have used a mix of several types of Lettuce and a couple of types of Endive. Specifically no Oriental Brassicas!

We have also had Lettuces. First to come into the kitchen was this "Tom Thumb":

We liked this one. The texture was particularly good - firmer than a Butterhead, but softer than a Cos. Nice flavour too.

Later in the week we had this "Dubacek" Lettuce, one of those grown from seeds sent to me from the Czech Republic.

Another good lettuce. It's somewhat like "Salad Bowl", but perhaps a bit more robust. Not one that gives up as soon as it hits the salad-dressing!

Of course there were more Radishes too:

This is going to be the last batch for a while. We have finished all those I sowed in April. I do have a few more coming on, but I only sowed them a few days ago so it will be a couple of weeks before they are ready.

Another batch of Rhubarb. This stuff grows pretty quickly once it gets going!

I'm linking this post to Harvest Monday, hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres.


  1. That rhubarb looks tasty, I'm hoping mine comes back this year

  2. I'm so impressed with your lettuces and radishes, you must get a beautifully long and glorious spring. I've kind of given up on spring cool weather crops.

    I've got to run out to the garden. The peppers are getting planted in the garden today, or else!

    1. "A long and glorious Spring"? I wish! Most of the time it has been cold, grey and windy. And in our area of the country, dry too.

  3. That Dubacek lettuce really looks nice. I can see a bit of a resemblance to an oak leaf lettuce. And when I grow Tom Thumb the heads never look as nice as yours does! I think iIt is amazing to see all the diversity in shapes and textures when you grow your own lettuce.

  4. That's a lot of lettuce! I think the Tom Thumb one is adorable and it sounds like it tastes good too. I need to branch out on my lettuce varieties, although I often need to focus on heat tolerant ones.

  5. Wonderful harvests - the Dubacek is a real looker. I'm hoping to harvest some lettuce this week, finally...can't wait!

  6. Your lettuces are perfect looking! It seems like a fleeting moment in my garden, the lettuce seems to go from perfect to overgrown in a flash. And I know what you mean about lettuce going flat as soon as you dress it so I prefer the ones with some body and crunch.

  7. I like Butterhead type lettuces and the Tom Thumb looks like a good one.

  8. Very similar to our harvest.

  9. Your rhubarb looks good, mine has been awful this year. Perhaps it is time for new plants in a new spot. Your lettuce looks good also.


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