Monday 16 May 2016

Harvest Monday - 16 May 2016

Now that May is here, my garden has "turned a corner". It's into production again. I'm not harvesting much just yet, but it's certainly nice to see something coming into the kitchen again. Mostly it's Radishes, Radishes and more Radishes. Once they start to mature you have to pick them because they will soon go tough and woody if you leave them. We have been eating a batch of Radishes most days just recently.

Notice the albino "French Breakfast" one

"Cherry Belle"

Mixed "French Breakfast" and "Cherry Belle"

I have planted quite a few Lettuces in my Salads bed, but I had a load of seedlings left over:

This week they became this:

Well, to be honest, this salad did also include the first few leaves picked from my mini-bed of "Daddy Salad" (aka Baby Leaf Salad). You can perhaps see here one or two leaves of Mizuna, Red Mustard, Pak Choi and Rocket.

This is what the Baby Leaf Salad looked like a few days ago. I have started picking it early, because I know how quickly this stuff can grow when the weather is kind to it.

This week I am also claiming a harvest of herbs, represented here by this pic of some Thyme that went into my Butter-braised Leeks with Thyme dish a few days ago. We don't often use herbs in huge quantities, so they frequently don't get a mention in Harvest Monday when they really should.

We use a lot of herbs in our cooking, preferably fresh from the garden. This week we have used Mint, Chives, Parsley, Thyme and Celery Leaf.

Parsley and Mint

I'm linking my post to Harvest Monday, hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres.


  1. It's funny that your lovely harvests of radishes inspired me to grow radishes and yet I never put a basic red radish in the lineup. Well, I just remedied that this week and picked up a packet of Red Planet radishes. I use a lot of herbs also but don't bother to include them in my tally and rarely show them on the blog. I think that's because I almost always harvest them as needed while I'm putting a meal together and can't take the time to photograph or tally them.

  2. Great photos Mark. Same green push here. They grow so fast once they get going!!

  3. The radishes and lettuce are beautiful. Lots of salads ahead. I just got mine planted, so will be a few more weeks for me.

  4. Some lovely harvests! Everything in our garden is at a standstill, including the radishes, as we have been having some very cold weather lately. They had better get a move on, though, as they are in the tomato/eggplant bed that needs to get planted up in a couple of weeks or so. That's if we actually end up having some May weather in May!

  5. It looks like salad season has arrived for you too! Sadly I never got around to sowing radish seed this spring and it is too late now, as it will be too hot to make good ones. I will try and remember to sow some for a fall crop. And I'm with you - fresh herbs are the best, and I don't often show them on my blog either. I'm without parsley at the moment and I really miss it in the kitchen.

  6. Nice looking thyme. I'm hoping to dry some herbs this year since none were dried last year.


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