Monday 28 September 2015

Harvest Monday - 28th Sept 2015

I'm almost (almost, I said) embarrassed to report the harvest of more tomatoes...

This batch weighed over 3.9kgs.

Yes, they are mostly green, but I am confident that most of them will ripen OK indoors.

We have made loads of tomato sauce for the freezer, but we have also made lots of dishes with fresh tomatoes. My little garden seldom produces a glut of anything, so it is quite nice to have "more than enough" of something for a change. I have even grieved only slightly over the fact that I have had to throw away a few blight-infected tomatoes.

I picked two more cucumbers. Again, not much to look at, but very nice when peeled.

The Spring Onions have done surprisingly well, and I pulled another dozen or so this week:

Those ones went into a Chinese meal that Jane made, along with some fabulous fresh young walnuts that she brought back from France. She watched them being shelled on the market in Ferney Voltaire (France). They were lovely and juicy, quite unlike the dry old things we normally have to put up with.

I have finally picked a significant quantity of ripe chillis this week. Bringing the plants indoors certainly turned out to be the right decision. The ones seen in this next photo were from the outdoor plants though.

These are mostly ones from the indoor plants. The bright yellow ones are "Aji Limon" and the pale greenish-yellow ones are "Blondie", while the black ones are "Calico". The red ones are a mix of "Cayenne", "Ring of Fire", "Indian Chilli Bullet" and "Caribbean Antillais".

Another small batch of Raspberries, and even one or two late-maturing Blueberries...

This is my contribution to Harvest Monday, hosted by Daphne's Dandelions. Please visit her blog to see what other people have been harvesting this week.


  1. I harvested seven pounds of ripe tomatoes yesterday with more still to come, I can't believe what a great year it's been for them. Your ripe chilies look fabulous, a good variety and lots of different colours. I'm still picking blueberries too, they've done well this year.

  2. Those chilies look so pretty. Carrots are the only color coming out of my garden right now. Though I'll be picking sweet potatoes soon.

  3. Nice tomato harvest. Green tomatoes are useful on their own as pickles, relish/chutney, and even fried green tomatoes. Wish I was going to get some, but nothing left on my vines.

  4. I think your cucumbers are lovely, especially since mine are all done for the season!

  5. Just read Daphne's blog that she calling it quits. I told her I nominated you to take over Harvest Monday! How about it? You are such a regular vegetable gardener blogger.

    1. Hi Marcia; I'm honoured that you think I am worthy of this role, but at present I would not be able to accept. My work means that I cannot commit to being reliably able to participate, still less to host the Link.

  6. A wonderful harvest ! Well done ! .....and doesn't a home grown cucumber taste so much nicer than a supermarket one ? ! hmm I think so : )

  7. We haven't had any blight at all this year presumably because it has been so dry in our area. It's been a pleasant change to have tomatoes blight free outside.

  8. Wonderful basket of chillies - I recall all of the colourful chillies you harvested last year and it's nice to see that you have managed to get a harvest this year, even with your weather challenges.


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