Friday 4 September 2015

Growing Cress on a windowsill

Here's a little project to kill a few minutes on a wet afternoon (in my case, a Bank Holiday). A good one for young kids too, because it produces very quick results.

You need:
A suitable (waterproof) container.
A piece of absorbent cloth / flannel or even some sturdy kitchen paper
Some Cress seeds

Fold the cloth over on itself a few times so that it is quite thick and then cut it to a size that fits neatly into the container.

Moisten the cloth and sprinkle the seeds onto it, forming a thick but single layer, so that all seeds are in contact with the moist cloth.

Place the container in a warm dark place, for instance the bottom of your airing-cupboard, and leave it there until the seeds begin to sprout - checking at least twice a day to see when this occurs. Germination will normally take about 2 days.

When the seeds begin to sprout, move the container to a light location, such as a windowsill, and let them grow. Check the moistness of the cloth frequently, and add a little more water as necessary. In a few days you should get something like this:

You know what to do now - cut the Cress with scissors and use it as a salad ingredient!


  1. You must know this already, but it's super fun for kids to use empty egg shells to grow cress too. Just need to put a damp piece of cotton wool inside, add the seeds on top and draw a face on the egg shell (sticking goggly eyes make it even funnier). Then the "hair" will grow and the kids can give it a "haircut". :)

  2. Sounds really easy. Now have to think do I like cress?

  3. Where's the mustard? It's got to me mustard and cress for me, with heavy on the mustard seeds.

  4. Ah takes me back to childhood. Like many gardeners, cress was one of the first plants I grew, along with a bean, a hyacinth and a sunflower. Your cress is very upmarket... I swear we used loo paper instead of a cloth when I was a kid!

  5. Like Sarah this takes me back to childhood. I have a pack of cress seeds but have never got round to sowing them yet.

  6. Thanks for this Mark, yep I think I'll sow more thickly next time and use something thicker in the base so it doesn't dry out so quickly


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