Saturday 5 July 2014

The King is dead. Long live the King!

I'm trying hard to achieve seamless succession of the salad crops this year (hence the title of my post). I have already written several times about my lettuces, but now I want to introduce a couple of new members of the dynasty.

This is "Little Gem" - a classic Cos or Romaine type. Not mature yet, but beginning to heart-up:

This is "Fristina", a frilly "cut-and-come-again" type.

This is something that will go well in a salad with those lettuces - Beetroot "Boltardy".

The photo makes it seem quite big, but right now that beetroot is only the size of a large marble.

This is a tomato type that I have nicknamed "Japanese Purple". The seeds were given to me by a friend. The wording on the packet is in Japanese (which I don't understand), and the picture shows tomatoes that are distinctly purple in colour - hence the name.

And most salads benefit from the inclusion of a cucumber or two, so here's "Iznik F1":

And here are few of the junior members of the family, awaiting their turn...

Just visible at the bottom of the picture is a green pot with some Landcress seedlings in it, and above that, in the black pot, are a few Lamb's Lettuce / Corn Salad seedlings. Most of the others are Endives, Radicchio and Lettuce.

These are the babies of the family...

That's four different types of Endive. Notice how many seedlings there are. That's because the last lot I sowed did not germinate well. I thought "This time I'll sow LOADS of seeds and some of them are bound to come up." I think they ALL came up. I'll have to drastically thin them out very soon, because they won't enjoy being crowded like that.


  1. I did that with my Little Gem lettuce. The first round didn't come up so I over seeded the second round. I had a lot of thinning to do.

  2. my lettuce seedling are all eaten up by slugs! I have to sow it again.

  3. Your seedlings are coming along beautifully. I am making an attempt at succession planting this year - with lots of trial & error and LOTS of notes on timing.

  4. I've not managed to do a good job of succession sowing my lettuces this summer. There's a few nice heads coming along in the garden now, but I should have their replacements started and don't and probably won't have them started in a timely manner. Kudos for your efforts.


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