Monday 7 July 2014

Harvest Monday - 7th July 2014

I've had a nice varied harvest this week. It included the last of my Broad Beans - this little batch of 530g:

They are individually not very impressive - the last one or two pods from each plant - but collectively I'm sure they will be enough for a meal for two. The plants have been taken down now, to be replaced by Purple Sprouting Broccoli. The bean plants fix nitrogen in the soil, which the PSB will enjoy. By my own standards, the Broad Beans have done well this year. Not a big crop by most peoples' standards, but a decent yield from a small space. We particularly enjoyed the little "Stereo" beans.

The potato harvest is continuing. I usually harvest a couple of pots at a time, or maybe four if I don't think I'll get an opportunity to do it during the week ahead. This is some of the latest batch. They are "Charlotte".

These are my first Cucumbers of the year - a pair of "Iznik F1".

I am almost embarrassed to claim this next item as a harvest. Two measly stems of "Tenderstem" Broccoli:

This year I only have two Tenderstem Broccoli plants, squeezed in between the Brussels Sprouts. From the start they looked weak and weedy, and they have not grown anything like as big as the ones I grew last year - which is a shame, because this is a delicious and usually prolific vegetable.

I have continued to pick a few Strawberries at frequent intervals. To be honest, I have stopped photographing them, because one handful of Srawberries looks very much like another!

The "Nosferatu" chilli plants that I kept from last year have produced a fair number of fruits, and they are ripening now. I am keeping the first few for drying to provide seeds for next year, but the rest will go into the fridge for use in curries and such-like:

Apart from the fruit and veg, I have also picked these:

They are Sweet Peas "Spencer Mixed". This is probably a first for me. I don't think I have ever previously picked a bunch of flowers from my garden. The odd bloom or two, yes, but never a bunch. Sweet Peas are better than any Room Freshener; a little bunch like that fills a whole room with scent. And don't you just love their voluptuous rich dark colours? 


  1. Very nice harvest, makes for a nice meal between taters, cucumbers and beans and broccoli even small I'm sure taste good. I'm surprised how early your peppers got ripened.

  2. Collectively very impressive and def, a good home grown meal. I need to pop out in the garden later and do a bit of harvesting too, got lettuce and some fat broad beans and peas, worried a little if they have gone to far and become mealy - will find out later. I so agree too that sweet peas are better than any air freshner.

  3. I have to plant some sweet peas next year - everyone seems to be raving about them this year and I love having fresh picked flowers in the house. Oh - and that cutting board is pretty awesome!

  4. wow Mark you with flowers whatever next, pristine photos to go with pristine produce

  5. Beautiful harvest again. Sorry the Tenderstem is struggling. That's a veg that seems to be a UK specialty, I haven't seen anything quite like it, although there are some crosses that produce a lot of shoots like Apollo.

  6. Now you make me want to plant sweet peas. I'm a sucker for anything with a good scent. I keep thinking of bringing in some zinnias for the table, but never seem to get around to it.

  7. It's a sad day when the last of the broad beans are harvested. I just came across a packet of them in my freezer, already forgotten as I've moved on to other vegetables fresh from the garden. But they will be much appreciated when the garden slows down this winter. Lovely harvests!

  8. I do love sweet peas - ours are just beginning to form buds


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