Tuesday 8 July 2014

Pork and beans: a variation on the theme.

Isn't it funny how any part of the pig seems to go well when cooked with beans? This is my latest variation on the theme --- Chorizo and Black Pudding in a tomatoey sauce with Butter Beans and Cannellini.

John and Gregg wouldn't be impressed. This is just a "bung it in a pot and stir it" dish, and shows no skill whatsoever. However, the quality of the end result belies the small amount of effort required to produce it. This is the "recipe":-

Soften an onion in some vegetable oil in a casserole dish. Add some garlic. And a tin of chopped tomatoes. Tip in a few Butter Beans and/or Cannelli. Then some sliced cooked Chorizo, and a spoonful of paprika to liven things up a bit. Simmer gently until thoroughly warm. Add some diced Black Pudding and simmer for another few minutes (not too long, or the Black Pudding will disintegrate). Serve. That's it!

I served mine with the following accompaniments:

First, some home-grown "Charlotte" potatoes, smothered in olive oil and masses of fresh herbs, and roasted in the oven:


And a salad made of shredded Carrot, Red Cabbage and Raisins with Parsley and Celery Leaf.

And finally, a salad of cooked and cooled Broad Beans (double-peeled, no less!), Mint and toasted Pine-nuts, mostened with olive oil.

There you are: lots of flavour, but very little cooking. Easy food doesn't have to be boring!


  1. I love your "recipe" or food photo blogs....the potatoes and salads look especially yummy!

  2. Sounds really nice this recipe, thanks for sharing....


  3. Meal fit for a king, that is!

  4. I like dishes that are just toss it in and cook it and it tastes delicious. Not that I can eat yours with tomatoes and potatoes, but in theory I like those kind of dishes.

  5. Not exactly a bung it in and cook and you do have to decide what to put in. More skilled than you make out and definitely more edible than some of the meals produced on Masterchef.

  6. oh my word... salivating... those potatoes... those beans!... need. NOW!


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