Monday 5 September 2016

Harvest Monday - 5th September 2016

September: classic harvest time!

I have already written about most of these things in an earlier post, so I'll be brief. In that basket are Runner Beans, Lettuces, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Cucamelons, Beetroot, Chillis and Potatoes. In the background is a "January King" Cabbage.

I am picking my maincrop Carrots on an "as required" basis. This is the most recent batch. They are the variety "Norwich". They are mostly fairly good specimens, but one is very shorty and stubby and one is a complete joker.

I also harvested some finger Carrots, about which I shall write separately. For now, just a photo.

I have been picking Tomatoes every day, and I have lost count of how many. Early in the year I thought my Tomato harvest was going to be poor, but it certainly hasn't been. There are 10 tubs of Tomato Sauce in the freezer already. These ones are "Grushkova".

More Tomatoes. These are the little tiny "Supersweet 100".

And these two are "Ferline", along with a "Diva" Cucumber.

You probably saw this one a couple of days ago too. It is a "Ruby Perfection" Red Cabbage. A nice heavy specimen (1.6kgs).

There has been a steady trickle of beans coming in. Not huge quantities, but enough to keep us supplied, and to put a couple of bags of them in the freezer.

"Streamline" (L), "Cobra" (C) and "Tenderstar" (R)

I have not been very impressed with either of the Runner Bean varieties I have grown this time. "Streamline" has been OK, but not up to the standard of the ones I have grown before, whereas the Runner / French cross "Tenderstar" has been a big disappointment.

I'll end my post where it began - with another photo of my 31st August "harvest basket":

I'm linking my post to Harvest Monday, hosted by Dave at Our Happy Acres, where I'm sure you will be able to read about lots more amazing harvests of fruit and veg.


  1. A very nice harvest. I've been getting a decent supply of tomatoes from my Bloody Butchers but the Maskotkas haven't even got going. I know it's my own fault really, I was very late with them this year and though there's plenty of fruit on the plants, they're only just starting to ripen. I fear they'll be too late.

    1. I know from experience that Maskotkas will ripen well enough indoors, as long as they have at least some vestiges of colour when you pick them.

  2. I'm glad your tomato harvest wasn't as bad as you feared. It looks like the plants were pretty resilient! That's a lovely harvest basket photo too. It reminds me why most of us garden - for all the tasty homegrown fruits and veggies.

  3. Beautiful harvest basket and nice, fat carrots. Who knows why that carrot bifurcated. If it were a pebble in the soil, you would think it would be trapped between the fork in the carrots. Also looks like you are getting a good tomato harvest, which I would be happy to have.

  4. What a gorgeous harvest. The basket is beautifully arranged. Everything looks so scrumptious. You are a very successful gardener!

  5. That harvest basket of goodies is a thing of beauty! I'm waiting to harvest my carrots until we have some chilly nights as I have a feeling our super hot summer has not done them any favours in the taste department. I'm not sure if chillier weather will sweeten them up at all, but I figure it's worth a try.

  6. Your harvest basket is beautiful, and those carrots are so straight and plentiful. I will look forward to reading more about them! Sarah x

  7. Beautiful harvests and such a good variety of veggies. It's wonderful that your tomato harvests are better than expected.

  8. You are getting some nice big tomatoes, so wonderful. And your carrots and beets look pretty spectacular. I tore out most of the garden this weekend which feels so satisfying.


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