Tuesday 14 October 2014

Tomatoes - the final fruits

A couple of days ago I noticed that Blight had finally taken a hold on my last two remaining tomato plants - the "Maskotka" ones.

There was still a significant quantity of fruit on these plants, which I did not want to lose.

So I picked everything that was not already blight-infected or slug-damaged. It came to nearly 600g.

With a bit of luck some of those will ripen before the blight develops. Inevitably a few of them will already have been affected and will have to be discarded, but at this stage of the proceedings, any ripe fruit will be a bonus.

The plants themselves have now gone into a plastic sack for eventual disposal at the municipal Tip. I don't want to put diseased material in my compost bins.

Meanwhile, more of the "Banana Legs" tomatoes have ripened on the Dining-Room windowsill.

I just wish they were nicer to eat. I have found them very insipid. One of those varieties to grow for looks only, not flavour.

Actually, I've just thought of another use for them... You know that they say you should put a ripe banana in with your green tomatoes to help them ripen? Well, surely some "Banana Legs" tomatoes would do the trick with those green "Maskotkas"!


  1. Clearing away the tomato plants is a job on my to do list. There isn't that much fruit left on them now so it's time for them to go.

  2. It must be nice to be picking tomatoes in October.

  3. Are you sure its blight Mark? I have not been following you closely enough to know the whole story and potato/tomato blight can certainly be a problem if the leaves are wetted for long periods, usually outside. Mine have grey mould starting and I do also have blight in my greenhouse started when infected outside before I brought in my pots of tomatoes to rescue them from the wet conditions.
    I think your tomatoes look brilliant for this time.
    Whether it's tomato blight or grey mould I would still compost them....but then you know me!

  4. You've done really well to have the success that you have growing tomatoes outdoors - we gave up as we couldn't compete with the blight.


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