Monday 13 October 2014

Harvest Monday - 13th October 2014

As I described yesterday, I picked the last of my "Maskotka" tomatoes this week - 600g of them:

I also harvested these four small cucumbers:

They were still remarkably good, considering that it is now nearly mid-October.

I also got a few more chillis:

That is four each of "Red Habanero" and "Aji Limon" - both really good-looking types - and one small "King of the North" sweet pepper.

I think "Aji Limon" is a First Class chilli. Not only does the fruit look beautiful, but also it has a distinctly lemony flavour. The level of heat is nice too; not blisteringly hot, but enough to be interesting.

Still on the capsicum theme, I picked these too:

That's two "Piment d'Espelette" and one of the little "Turkish Sweet Pepper". I deliberately picked them green, because that's the way Jane likes them. (I don't eat this type of pepper at all.)

I dug another batch of Carrots. These are "Early Nantes".

Finally,  I know it's not really something I have "produced", but this past weekend I did collect a load of Chestnuts:
If you want to read more about these, please see the post I published on Saturday. Here's a LINK to it.
This is my entry to Harvest Monday, hosted by Daphne's Dandelions, so please drop by there and see what everyone else has been harvesting.


  1. Maybe you need King if the South

    1. You're right, Sue. I have been unimpressed with King of the North - though perhaps for me this wasn't the year in which to give them a fair trial. Next year I'll grow more chillis instead!

  2. I didn't get chance to sort out my tomatoes this weekend so they've got a reprieve, not that there's much left on them now.

  3. My, those Aji Limon chillis are just gorgeous..they look almost surreal. And I'm also a sucker for anything lemony. I've added them to my every expanding "chillis to try" list.

  4. I agree with Margaret, Aji Limon is a beautiful chilli, I love that nearly translucent yellow.

  5. Your chillis are always so beautiful! And you should totally count those chestnuts in your harvests.

  6. The Aji sound really good. And they look beautiful.

  7. The chili pepper colors are beautiful. Nice to be harvesting them this late in the year.


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