Monday 6 October 2014

Harvest Monday - 6th October 2014

The most colourful harvest this week has been another basketful of several different types of chilli and Sweet Pepper:

I wrote about these on Saturday if you would like to read more. Here's a LINK to my post.

I also got some more indoor-ripened tomatoes. These ones are "Maskotka" (red), "Banana Legs" (the yellow one), and some of what I called "Japanese Purple", though they turned out to be neither Japanese, nor purple! They are Chinese, and they have ripened to a sort of chocolate brown colour.

At the weekend Jane made some Celeriac soup, and she asked me to provide a "small leek". This is the one I supplied:

Compared with the other leeks I have growing, this was indeed a small one, but when I show you this same leek posed on top of one of the compost bins you will see that it is not that small...

Actually, that is one of the original 16 leeks that were to form my main crop, but it was one of those dug up by the foxes and subsequently re-planted, so it is not as big as most of its siblings. As the leeks have been harvested, I have gradually replaced them with the small ones I kept in pots (originally intended to be used as Baby Leeks), so I am getting a much bigger yield than expected from the very small space I had allocated (about one metre square, I think). This is a ploy that I fully intend to repeat next year.

I cut one of my "Tundra" cabbages:

It's "small but perfectly formed", as they say... It weighed 778 grams.

Whereas this Radicchio is an enormous one:

It was so densely packed that it weighed over half a kilo. This will keep us supplied with salad for a fair old while!

At the weekend I also dug up the last of my pots of  "Pink Fir Apple" potatoes, which yielded 639 grams, a reasonable but unremarkable result.

Well, to be completely accurate, I have one more pot to come, but it is the one that holds the plant grown from that tiny little tuber which miraculously survived from LAST year, so I'm not building my hopes up.

Finally for this week, one rather manky cucumber, and the very last handful of "Cobra" French Beans.

This is my entry for Harvest Monday, hosted as ever on Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. That cabbage looks so good. All mine will be small as they are a small variety. Sometimes they don't size up in time though.

  2. You're still getting a good harvest each week. I think it's a great idea to have some leeks growing on in pots to replace the ones you harvest with, you've got to be quite resourceful when growing in a small space and this is working really well for you.

  3. Lovely radicchio. And the cabbage looks lovely regardless of its size.

  4. The cabbage does indeed look perfectly formed. And the radicchio is beautiful. Every time I try to grow radicchio it bolts just as soon as it starts to form a head.

  5. I love those colorful chillis. That radicchio is quite impressive, it can be such a finicky thing to grow but you seem to have figured them out.

  6. Your Cobras have kept going for a long time.

  7. That is a huge radicchio & mighty impressive leek - just lovely! I actually prefer smaller cabbages - For our small household, I find large ones just too much to use up unless you are eating cabbage every day for a week. And isn't it wonderful when you find a new technique - as in the case of your leeks - that works really well.

  8. This looks so great, fresh, and colorful!

  9. What a pretty harvest, so colorful and impressive. You are reaping the reward of fun and work in your garden!


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