Thursday 9 October 2014


Well, "proper" Autumn seems to have finally arrived. To be honest, it was quite a relief to get some significant rain. It's most unusual to have to water the garden with a hose in October!

The Rudbeckia is finally dying back, after a long flowering period. Even in this bedraggled state, it has a certain indefinable attraction.

Most of the Echinacea flowers have finished too. This one has developed a rather dramatic mould:

The spiders are having a great time "harvesting" loads of flying insects!

In view of the lateness of the arrival of Autumn the Pineapple Mint recently decided that it would have one more burst of growth:

We have not used any of this type of Mint in cooking, but it is a very attractive plant to have in the garden.

Finally for today: Is it just me, or do you also see in this photo of my Bronze Maple tree the face of a Bush Baby??? (Check out this LINK and tell me if you see the resemblance...)


  1. The link wasn't necessary! The bush baby jumped right out at me! Sometimes I feel guilty using herbs as ornamentals, so thanks for letting us know that you just enjoy your pineapple mint for its looks.

  2. I can definitely see the bush baby, it's those big eyes.

  3. Oh that maple tree is so funny.

  4. I was glad to see the rain too although maybe not quite as much as has come down in the last few days! The Dahlias are hanging on and are a welcome burst of colour at this time of least until the first frosts arrive.

  5. We have had rain in epic proportions this week. I am reluctant to pull out all the fading flowers but the garden is looking a bit raggedy now so I think I will have to bite the bullet.


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