Sunday 19 October 2014

October salad update

My salad crops have been very successful this year, and are still going strong. We are not eating much salad at present, having moved on to more Winter-style meals, but it's there when we want it.

I still have several lettuces, although their growth rate has slowed down a lot, so whether they will make it to maturity before the frost gets them is a moot point.

"Marvel of Four Seasons"

"Can Can"

"Rossa Romana"

"All Year Round"

The "All Year Round" Lettuces are quite pale and delicate. Despite its name, this variety seems to do better in warmer conditions.

I have lots of Endives on the go, and they are all jumbled up so I have no idea what variety each one is.

Curly Endive - variety unknown!

I would grow this Radicchio even if we never ate it - it's very decorative.

This Radicchio is ready for picking. You can tell that it's ready when the outer leaves of the heart (not the main outer leaves) begin to go brown and slimy.

Radicchio "Palla Rossa di Chioggia"

Don't be put off by the brown slimy leaves - they are normal - just peel them back and you will find a bright red / white / pink core inside.

The last few remaining beetroot look as if they should be woody, but they are not. Well anyway, the last batch I cooked, on Thursday, weren't. They were lovely and tender.

Beetroot "Boltardy"

Photographed in the sunlight, the beetroot stems are such a beautiful colour.

Beetroot "Boltardy"

Here's a fitting conclusion to a post about salads: I found these by one of my raised beds. They are slugs' eggs.

After photographing them, I squashed them, because I'm not letting those darned slugs get my salads!


  1. I want to grow more salad leaves next year. We don't usually eat very much salad so I don't grow much, but I've been eating more myself just lately and having to buy it so I hope to remedy that next year. Your beetroot looks delicious. I had problems with germination this year so I've been without, I hope to do better next year.

  2. Those lettuces looks so beautiful. I really wish I had some this fall, but mine just didn't grow. They needed more light I think as they were in a more shady part of the garden. Next year I'll make sure they have a better spot if I want salads in the fall. Spring lettuce is so much easier here.

  3. I had never seen slug eggs before - I had no idea they even laid eggs. I will have to keep an eye out.

  4. I like the luck of can can - so you use young beetroot leaves in salad too.?

  5. Unusual to see slugs' eggs above ground, Mark. I've found them under the soil when digging before now and, yep, squishing is absolutely the way to go. Pesky little blighters. Lovely lettuce, I haven't grown endive but still have Marvel of four seasons and some rocket. It's getting near the end now but I thought I might try some windowsill salad leaves. I've also got Bulls Blood beetroot which I eat the leaves of and some chard which is lovely as young leaves. I'm hoping the chard will still grow a bit before the weather turns cold.

  6. You grow the nicest lettuces and greens. I have not felt like salads lately though either.


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