Sunday 1 June 2014

Blueberries netted

I have been building fruit-cages again. This time for the Blueberries.

 William Heath Robinson would be proud of me! I have cobbled together another masterpiece of improvisation using bits from my "Build-a-Ball" set and the (nearly defunct) "Seedling Greenhouse"...

In this case the balls (I only had 4 left after making the Strawberry cage) are used to extend the height of the verticals by joining two aluminium rods. The bricks across the corners of the base are for stability. I just hope we don't get any gales! And of course the net is longer than it is wide, so I had to fold the corners round and close up the gaps with some clothes-pegs. At least I chose the tasteful green ones, not the bright pink ones.

It may not look pretty, but I'm reasonably sure it will keep out the pesky Blackbirds. It only has to last a few weeks too, which is just as well in the circumstances, since it doesn't exactly exude an air of permanence!

Before this time next year I aim to acquire another Build-a-Ball set and some more aluminium rods, so that I can put together something a tad more professional next time.


  1. I've never covered my blueberries. The birds here don't seem to go after them. Really it is the groundhog and squirrels that eat my fruit the most.

  2. Yeah, I never have had a problem with the birds going after my blueberries but I have from time to time seen them eat holes in the plums and tomatoes. Your cages look great to me :)

  3. I would do the same for such a precious crop. Mark1 birds 0 sorted

  4. That is exactly what I need to to with my Aronia. The last year birds ate all the berries!

  5. We need to net our strawberries next. The redcurrants are done as they are a firm favourite with our blackbirds. The positioning of the blueberries makes netting them difficult.

  6. Your cage and netting looks the job. I was just looking up the price of a pop up tent-like netted fruit cage I'd won and it was about £60 so these things can be really expensive!


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