Monday 16 June 2014

Harvest Monday - 16th June 2014

My harvests this week began with more potatoes. These ones are another First Early variety, called "Leontine". They seem to me to be very similar to the "Sharpe's Express" ones I harvested last week. They are pale in colour and oval in shape, and they cooked very nicely with no splitting.

"Leontine", moments after harvest

The same batch of potatoes, washed and ready for cooking

This next batch is "Marilyn":

These are also very fine potatoes. Smooth, regular oval shapes, and very pale in colour. The tubers were very evenly-sized too. I am deliberately harvesting them young. I know that if I left them another fortnight or so the yield would be a bit bigger, but I'm growing them for quality, not quantity, and these tender little ones are a real joy to eat.


This week I have cut four large lettuces. Each one is big enough for two meals for both of us! To be honest, we can't keep up, so I have stored some in the fridge in plastic bags. If I could have delayed, I wouldn't have cut them, but they looked in danger of bolting and I didn't want them to go to waste.

"Green Oak Leaf"

My two pots of peas have yielded another small harvest - this time 270 grams.

It's not what you would call a glut, is it? Though of course there were a few that never made it in front of the camera... We padded them out with some shop-bought ones.

I pulled the first of my Carrots yesterday. Again, not a lot, but it looks as if there will be plenty more to come. And they are undamaged by Carrot Root Fly!

Not illustrated here are (were) the three Strawberries that I picked last Thursday evening. You'll just have to take my word on that. They were really delicious and ripe all the way through; deep red in colour, unlike the pale ones with crunchy white cores that you so often get in the shops. Unfortunately my home-grown Strawberries also have rarity value, so I'll probably be reckoning the harvest not by weight but by number of berries!

So that's my entry this week for Harvest Monday, where you will be able to see more harvests of a similar nature.


  1. Lovely carrots. I was checking on mine the other day and they are still too small to pick. I'm hoping in a week or two I can start their harvest.

  2. I'm truly jealous of all those gorgeous potatoes, peas and carrots! It would make my favorite dinner meal :)

  3. Your photos are always so lovely! It's a bit intimidating, reading your blog...

  4. I agree with you about growing for quality, nothing nicer than freshly dug new potatoes, the shops just can't match them.

  5. Those potatoes look so good! I haven't had the guts to see how mine are doing, but maybe I'll poke around a bit.

  6. We are enjoying our strawberries at the moment. It is noticeable that home grown properly ripened berries are red right through isn't it? Which variety do you grow?

  7. Very nice. Any harvest is a good harvest. Your carrots and potatoes look great and so do those peas. I do wish we had a longer spring so I could really grow peas.

  8. Those potatoes certainly do clean up well, they are very appetizing. My husband would love those roasted with some rosemary and doused in good olive oil with some crunchy coarse sea salt. Oh my, sometimes I'm sorry I don't grow potatoes.

  9. Beautiful harvest! I love the potatoes! It's great to have some in the late spring! We will start digging our spring potatoes some time this week!

  10. Anything fresh from the garden tastes wonderful, I've really noticed the difference with the lettuce I've been picking.

  11. The potatoes look so beautiful. I bet they were very nice.


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